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  If I do this correctly, it will be a short intro. If not you may all continue what you were doing.
  Obviously. :)

  I am Meredith, fem,52, So. Cal. Desert and am a chronic pain pt/addict. DOC always narcotics. My heavy using/out-of-control days long past for now. But I watch it. I am on Duragesic/fentanyl for severe myofascial pain of 4 yrs duration; the last 16 months being medicated for it. I am so grateful. If you ever hear me bitch about anything ....squash me.
  I almost lost my mind from pain. I was given a tour of the nearest Kaiser psych facility for 72 hrs; 3 times. I have not been on MMT YET (yet meaning You're Eligible Too) but may at anytime should we be without insurance.  Anyhoo I am reading the list and would really enjoy hearing who some of you might be and why you are interested in Ibogaine. I am from a long line of physicians from the East Coast (no, I am not a physician but it's in my blood) and the info I have gleaned so far is fascinating. Help me learn so I can share with others.
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