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> On another front, I've gotten one key reporter covering the current
> crystal meth epidemic in the gay community and the renewed spread of
> AIDS interested to the point that personal testimonials of long-term
> efficacy from people like DH might convince him. He's confused by the
> implication on the OASAS website that the ibogaine effect only lasts
> for a couple of months.
> He doesn't understand getting unsprung. But he WAS in ACT UP with me,
> and I've convinced him that the route to getting support and the kind
> of sponsorship where Glick et al would actually participate in a
> forum lay through the AIDS activist sector, not the drug
> reformers--i.e, that Glick wouldn't show up for something sponsored
> principally by Ethan Nadelman, let alone me or Howard.
> If we can get this guy and his paper, GAY CITY NEWS, to run an
> article questioning why HIV FORUM isn't doing a session on
> experimental medications, it would help both with the NY State
> Assembly bill, and with certain Congressmen.
> Duncan Osbourn can be reached at duncanto at aol.com
> Dana/cnw
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