[ibogaine] no wonder he wants everyone on meds!

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> > All his press conferences are scripted, and when he has to field a
> > real question, posed unexpectedly, he gets that "deer in the
> > headlights' sort of look and can barely mumble his way through.
> no doubt, and they are scripted in 3-5 word phrases that even a 4th
> grader could recite.
> i mean, he is a joke. a scary joke.
> then again, we are the choir. It just shows to go you how asleep at the
> wheel so many people are in this country to support an administration
> such as this... completely oblivious and ignorant of what is really
> going on in Washington... as long as their TV is tuned in to FOX, gas
> in the tanks of the 2.6 cars in the driveway(preferably SUV in shape),
> OLD NAVY clothes in the closet, a 12pack of budweiser on ice and a
> bucket of kentucky fried on the dinner table... who needs to think? The
> government can do that for you!
> _.dh
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