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> Hey all- as I just wrote to my drugwar list too- please wish well in my
> direction,
> as it looked like I was going to actually be trying ibogaine in the very,
> very near future, but now it looks like I have to put it off a week or so
> due to getting a call-back for a Hewlett Packard commercial tonight- which
> shoots all week next week. I can't BELIEVE I'm bumming out at the
> possibility of landing a principle part in a commercial (if I get it-
> MEDICAL INSURANCE FINALLY!!! I mean, one has to make a certain amount in a
> year's time through SAG to qualify for insurance, which I've never done in
> the last 6 and a half, nearly 7 years of being in SAG) due to wanting to
> ibogaine.
> Weird how "god" works, no? Telling me to "hurry up and be patient."
> So anyway, think good stong thoughts my way please- if I do land this
> stinkin' commercial I have to see my pain doc a week early to make sure I
> have enough pain meds to get through 6 days of commercial shooting- egad.
> I'm soooo confused feeling right now.
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