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> > Melatonin at night, especially when you wake up in the middle of the
> > night to pee. The sublinguals--put them up between yr upper lip and
> > gum after moistening. And smoke pot. Not much, but a couple tokes
> > everytime you get the urge to smoke. BTW, the reason pot has no
> > substantial withdrawals is that the cannabidiol is a glutamate
> > antagonist, which means that every joint has a weak ibo-like effect.
> > Very weak, but sufficient to block buildup of tolerance to THC. The
> > melatonin prevents tolerance to the CBD, so you don't get so much of
> > the "chronic" effect that causes you to need to smoke pot all the
> > time.
> Ummm. Tolerance to THC and the other cannabinoids both develops and
> disipates pretty rapidly, usually within a few days. Strangely though,
> tolerance to pot's appetite stimulating effects rarely develops.
> While cannabinol has been shown to antagonise glutamate activity, that
> does not mean it works like ibogaine at all. Ibogaine's anti-addictive
> effects seem to be a result of a complex series of interactions with
> multiple neurotransmitter systems. At least a couple different ibogaine
> studies have shown that glutamate antagonism alone does not produce an
> anti-addictive effect. However, cannabinol's glutamate antagonist activity
> is thought to be responsible for it's neuroprotective effect; as it blocks
> cell death induced glutamate cascade.
> The suggestion that melatonin in some way modulates cannabinoid tolerance
> also seems rather specious to me. Presumably, cannabinoid tolerance
> develops as a result of extended stimulation and subsequent
> desensitisation of the cannabinoid receptors. Melatonin doesn't appear to
> show any activity at cannabinoid receptors.
> Anyway, I know for me, if I was going to try to quit smoking cigarettes,
> I'd have to quit pot as well, at least temporarily. i ALWAYS have a cig
> right after i finish a bowl, so there's a VERY strong association for me
> there.
> It's all about figuring out your own triggers. But strictly
> psychophysiologically speaking, it doesn't seem likely to me that pot
> would have much of an effect on nicotine intake one way or the other.
> jon
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