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  Hey Mindvoxians,    didn't I see someone say something in a post in the past few days about the laws in N.Y. state concerning patient records, i.e. EKG, blood work and the like? I plan to get my records from my visit to the ER to show my provider what good shape my heart, and blood work are in. One good thing I got from my successful treatment for Hep C. was to see that I hadn't done any major damage to myself not even any cirrhosis, none!! I couldn't believe it. I drank like a fish with cotton mouth for years. Matter of fact I went from junkie to drunky ever time I got on Meth except this one. I haven't been good and drunk in about 10 years, thank God! Here is my hypothetical question or survey I'd like to run. Poll all Dr.'s in the US and ask them of all the patients they have on pain meds, diet pills, and benzo's how many of them have a problem with them. Then ask the same of patients all anonymously of course. How many of these people would take Ibogaine if given a choice?That is if they even know about it.That's a lot of people to say no to. Information is power. Power to the people. Remember that?       Randy 
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