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> In a message dated 7/27/04 5:49:10 AM, ptpeet at nyc.rr.com writes:
> >    I know someone who is about to do some sitting for someone else I
> >and was wondering if there was something posted somewhere, some sort of
> >guidelines/advice for sitters. She would like to better know what she's
> >in for as a sitter, what her responsibilities are and might be, and what
> >should be looking out for as a sitter. Barring something posted already,
> >perhaps someone can give some suggestions here that I can pass on to my
> >friend.
> Preston,
> If you are a responsible sitter, it is a lot of work.  Your job is to
> and care for the patient.  That is a 24/7 job and if it is only one person
> that means they are there full time.  Taking pulse and blood pressure
> periodically and on any occasion the patient does not appear well is in
order.  Knowing
> what you are doing helps.  That is you have some prior experience in
> ibogaine treated patients.  Help patients get to the bathroom or move if
> have to during the ataxic period.  If an emergency of any kind should
> don't hesitate to call EMS.
> For the patient, drink lots of water for two days prior to ibogaine
> You want to be well hydrated.  Though not drinking for four hours prior to
> administration is also a good idea in my opinion except for the liquid
which is
> used to swallow the capsules of ibo if that is the form taken.
> Most patients will not want to eat or drink for a good long time after
> ibogaine.  I think the sitter should try to get the subject to drink
> water/juice/liquids sixteen to twenty hours after administration.  This is
just a
> hydration issue and I am sure there are a lot of opinions on this which I
would be
> very glad to hear.
> Howard
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