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Welcome to the list GanjaCat, interesting life :-) 

I agree with alot of what you said in your message bro, very much relate
to it and the whole models of western science and who decides what you
should or shouldn't do.

I don't think there are any rules on this list or anyone who cares if
you 'know your place' or 'cause a fuss' if there were then there wouldn't
be anyone left posting here :-) Lots of people, lots of opinions, lot
of interesting info between all that too.

Had to write you a note, I liked your introduction :-)

Peace out,

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 09:22:32 -0700 GanjaCat <ganjacat at ganjacat.net> wrote:
>Hello everyone!
>I've only been 'lurking' for a short while, so I can't claim to
>be truly
>'up to speed' with the mores & customs of this list, however I felt
>was not wrong to introduce myself at this early stage.
>Although I have achieved a certain notoriety in my own particular
>over the past ten years or so, I don't expect anyone here to recognise
>my name, with the possible exception of Mr Emery through his connections
>in the 'cannabis world'.
>A month or so ago I had never even heard of Iboga.
>Now I find myself in a position where my own future is very much
>entwined with one person's attempts to open the eyes of the world
>to the
>many potential benefits of this amazing plant.
>More of that later, next a little about who I am & where I'm coming
>I'm a 43 year old Englishman who is now either a political exile
>or a
>criminal on the run, depending on your point of view. I came to
>nearly 2 years ago following a long & painful fight with the UK
>Government over my right to grow & use cannabis. If I return I face
>theoretical 21 years in prison even though not one human soul has
>come before the courts and said that I have harmed them in any way.
>even changed the law to prevent me from running a 'human rights'
>that could have been a major step towards forcing the collapse of
>Until a short time ago, I was concentrating on 'building a new life'
>here. I was working a crappy & unrewarding job and generally doing
>things 'by the book' in order to survive, although I continued to
>try to
>"do my bit for the cause" online including being the co-ordinator
>of the
>worlds' first ever 'coffeeshop management' course, setting up the
>'International Canna-Lympic Movement' & becoming an ordained Reverend
>the ULC, 'attached' to the THC-Ministry in Amsterdam. (Links at
>A combination of factors including the general economic slow-down
>betrayal by my partner of 6 years effectively ended that and despite
>best efforts I was faced with limited & depressing options.
>Almost at the last moment I came into contact with Sara Glatt, who
>offered me both a roof over my head and a 'psycho-therapeutic' Iboga
>trip in exchange for building & promoting a website for her.
>The 'trip', which happened 3 weeks ago, not only cleared a lot of
>'emotional debris' from my own mind, but also convinced me that
>remarkable plant could be a very valuable tool for the excision
>of many
>'therapy-proof' engrams. (A few years ago I qualified as a Humanistic
>Counsellor.) I have developed an enormous amount of respect for
>the work
>being done by people such as Sara, and have decided to train under
>in the spiritual/therapeutic use of several psycho-botanicals in
>addition to web mastering & admin duties here.
>Whilst I must freely concede that one person's story rarely represents
>the absolute truth of a situation, what I have learned of the Iboga
>story 'from the inside' as it were makes me feel that there are
>quite a
>few people, some even perhaps subscribers to this list, who have
>less than perfect, from a 'humanist' point-of-view, in their efforts
>promote Iboga. IMHO the means DO NOT justify the ends. But no names
>& no
>second-hand grudges from me, everyone deserves the chance for redemption
>& forgiveness. (Do unto others what you would have them do unto
>I believe that the acceptance of diversity, within humanity in general
>and the 'Iboga field' in particular, is the best way to discover
>promote 'better thinking'. Personally I am interested in discovering
>whether Iboga could be of help in other psyche-related 'disorders'
>as tendency to self-harm, propensity to violence (including rape
>paedophilia) & even over- or under- eating. I hope one day to have
>resources to investigate this properly, but I don't want to expend
>energy 'fighting' those who have a vested interest in promoting
>own particular slant. There is room for all of us, the clinical
>& the
>pastoral, the scientific & the shamanistic, the casual & the dedicated,

>in this world.
>OK, traditionally newcomers are supposed to 'know their place' and
>'cause a fuss' until they have been taught how to behave, but sorry,

>that's not the way, has NEVER been the way that this fur-shredder
>I have to comment that I'm disgusted at the number of people who've
>this list in the past week or so over seemingly-trivial matters.
>You lot
>are worse than the UKCIA subscribers at times, and that's saying
>I would like to be so bold as to suggest that the reason why there
>been so much infighting, corruption, bitching & under-handedness
>in the
>'Iboga story' is that message of the spirit of the Iboga itself
>-that the western world has generally lost something essential in
>nature which the Iboga can (at least partially) re-balance - 
>has been lost because so many people have tried to use 'western
>attitudes' ("We must purify this, patent it, prescribe this, do
>'the they' want to prove it as an 'acceptable' western medicine,
> become
>the 'world authority' on this [and it doesn't matter who gets trodden
>or ripped off in the process] etc. etc.) to force acceptance of
>To nutshell it, stop thinking like white doctors and start thinking
>human beings again!
>We need to change attitudes, not work to become acceptable (as in
>someone ultimately gets to make big bucks from it) sub-systems of
>EVIL system that pervades the western world right now. 
>Yes, I'm talking about the US Federal Govt & the 'Bilderburgs' that
>its' strings.
>IHMO the introduction of an 'adulthood ritual' using Iboga (+/or
>psycho-botanicals) to the so-called 'first world', giving people
>chance to 'do a soft reset' of their psyche from the trauma, pain
>humiliation of childhood would be a very good thing. Sod the fact
>for the drug corporations & 'mental health professionals' it would
>be a
>bad thing. F*ck the fact that 'we're too civilised to do tribal
>like that anymore'....
>It would do the individual good, and it would do humanity good.
>that enough?
>Wishing you all
>Peace, Respect & Love
>Rev. Alan B Mason (aka "The GanjaCat")
>Kockengen, Netherlands.
>Sara's Addiction Therapy Pages <http://www.iboga.tk/> 
>Sara's Spiritual / Recreational Pages <http://www.sarashouse.tk/>
>History of the GanjaCat <http://www.free2toke.tk/> 
>World Championships of Cannabis Use <http://www.canna-lympics.org/>
>The Gentleman's Refuge <http://www.alco-slut.tk/>  
>Amsterdam THC Ministry <http://www.thc-ministry.net/>  

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