[ibogaine] Drug War Reality Tour

Allison Senepart aa.senepart at xtra.co.nz
Fri Sep 26 08:07:03 EDT 2003

Guided tours???   Are you serious.  I thought the park dinners were a joke
but this takes the cake.
 Has it never occurred to some of the idiots trying to "lead the country" 
(and I put that in brackets, cos the description is debatable anyway)  ,
that they should look in their own back yard before sticking their noses and
necks out into others.  Whats next, guided tours of mental health institutes
welfare organisations etc. etc.  Why would anyone possibly want to pay money
for such a sick idea...Every day we get media assaulting us with bad news
and worse news, the latest most heinous crime. What ever happened to decent
human nature and positive outlooks.  Suppose that sounds a be naive but it
all gets a bit frustrating.   Allison
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Drug War Reality Tour
"When we talk about the 'Drug War,' we have to
understand that it functions in a very specific way:
it functions as a form of chemical warfare on the people
in this country and throughout the world."
Kensington, PA is one of the nation's poorest and most neglected
neighborhoods. Once a thriving industrial hub for the textile sector, during
the late 1970's Kensington was hit by a wave of de-industrialization which
saw American jobs lost to the growing pool of sweatshop labor in Mexico and
South East Asia. Today, Kensington's two major sources of income are welfare
and narcotics. As one of the biggest heroin distribution centers in the
country, it is not uncommon to find addicts of all ages, crouched in broad
daylight, shooting dope with purities ranging from 80 - 90%.
While the U.S. government spends increasingly more money on domestic law
enforcement and Colombian paratroopers - all in the name of fighting the
so-called War on Drugs - Kensington has spiralled deeper and deeper into
abject chaos. Fuelling the crisis, jails are filled to capacity with
non-violent drug offenders who, when they are released, cannot qualify for
government-sponsored addiction treatment programs. And so a vicious cycle
ensues, one that is contained to the Kensington area, where children are
brought up in conditions that more closely resemble those of a developing
nation than the world's new imperial superpower.
In this 22-minute extended NewsVideo - scored by Crack The CIA's DJ Trek-e -
GNN takes you on a guided tour through the heart of America's heroin
capital. Sponsored by the Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU), The Drug
War Reality Tour, transports busloads of tourists to the battlefield of
America's own domestic Drug War, showing them every aspect of the drug game:
from where the dope arrives to where it is sold and used. Throughout the
tour, street-wise KWRU members break down facts about the narco-culture and
how forces like police complicity and corporate investment are aiding and
using the drug epidemic to drive Kensington's people out of their own
neighborhood in order to make room for new urban development.
So get on the bus and experience one of the most controversial and inspiring
approaches to social activism ever conceived.
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