[ibogaine] is ayahuasca shortly after ibogaine OK?

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
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What a great bunch of interesting questions.
I'm looking forward to the replies to these, so please answer them on-list,
sharing with us all.
Thanks kindly.

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> Has anyone here (or anyone you know) tried ayahuasca
> within a month after doing iboga/ibogaine?  Since
> nor-ibogaine sets up shop in your body for quite a
> while, could this cause problems if you subsequently
> take ayahuasca, or could it make you more sensitive to
> it?
> Has anyone tried any other psychedelic within a short
> time after using ibogaine, and if so did it affect you
> differently than when you used it pre-ibogaine?
> In October I'm planning to do about half a gram of
> ibogaine to clean out my system and kick caffeine
> (again) before I go to Peru in November on an
> ayahuasca retreat.
> Originally I was going to do a full dose (1 gram or
> more) of ibogaine, then next year sometime go on an
> ayahuasca retreat.  It seems to make more sense to me
> to take ibogaine to deal with personal issues, then go
> into the more alien/transpersonal ayahuasca realms.
> However, two of my friends are going in November so
> now I'm planning to do the ayahuasca first, then
> perhaps next spring trying a full dose of ibogaine.
> A related question: I've heard both ayahuasca and
> ibogaine are used to deal with addiction issues, and
> also for personal growth and spiritual purposes.  If
> anyone has experience with both, how would you compare
> and contrast them?
> a.
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