[ibogaine] IBO for ketamine

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Wed Sep 17 13:05:09 EDT 2003

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>That and also Crystal meth. Has anyone used Ibo to treat meth 

We treated a low dose methadone/high dose methamphetamine user.  The patient 
was using 20mg/day of methadone and shooting more than 1 gram a day of 
methamphetamine.  Methamphetamine use was discontinued 48 hours prior to 
administration according to the patient.  The patient in some ways presented a unique 
profile.  I believe this was due to the possible raising of brain levels of 
amphetamine by ibogaine that is reported by glick in one of his papers as per his 
rats.  The patient responded normally and three or four hours into the 
experience suddenly got out of bed and stated she wanted to go to the beach.  Well, we 
were indulgent providers and drove to a beach about ten miles away.  She 
walked around for about 45 minutes and stated she wanted to return to her bed and 
thereafter had a rather normal experience, that is flat on her back.  Two days 
later the patient was completely refreshed and amazed she felt as good as she 
did with no withdrawal from or desire to use methadone.  However, this is only 
one patient so don't base expected results on this single description.  


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