Australian support for ibogaine treatment

Phil phil.laing at
Sun Sep 14 19:56:33 EDT 2003

Hi All

I am interested in contacting anyone with experience in Australia with
ibogaine treatment.  I am about to self medicate ibogaine for an opiate
addiction legacy from pain management treatment from MVA and spinal
operations. I would like to speak to someone with a little experience in
this area.  I have been able to cut down MS Contin to over half but I am
finding it extremely difficult to cut down the last bit.  My pain levels
seem to be unchanged from a higher dose to the levels I am on now and I
am confident my pain levels will be unremarkable once I have desisted
from all narcotics

I am also interested in finding any drug rehab within Australia that is
pushing or at least interested in ibogaine treatment

Thanks guys


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