[ibogaine] Special Project

crownofthorns at hushmail.com crownofthorns at hushmail.com
Sat Sep 13 21:49:11 EDT 2003

I think both of you are right. My mistake, he's not last he's near the
end, last is 'W.L. Hearn' it is almost always there in Mash's papers

Peace out,

On Sat, 13 Sep 2003 18:43:38 -0700 Bill Ross <ross at cgl.ucsf.edu> wrote:
>> On the issue of the last named author on a paper on some occasions
>> individual, I believe Glick may be an example on some of his papers,

>> where the last named author is the mover and shaker and the corresponding
>> (first) author is an upcoming student/colleague.
>This is my experience in science as well, with the main journals
>at least. The last name is the person in whose lab the work was
>done.  (I'm not sure if there's a normal order at the end of the
>for Principal Investigators when 2 labs are involved.)

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