[ibogaine] Junkies are sicker than normal

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I wonder about myself also Marc.  I had a good childhood, 2 loving, bioligical married parents and two siblings.  Always had what I needed and most of what I wanted, yet I've still always had a feeling something is missing, a hole, that I continue to try to fill up with pills.  I am hoping to try Ibogaine in a clinical setting in the Spring to help with the physical w/d and also to find out why I feel this way and how I can stay off for good, but I must it admit, being unfamiliar with Ibogaine, scares me!!!  

Marc Scott Emery <marc at cannabisculture.com> wrote:
The balanced childhood with two loving, compassionate biological parents provides confidence, stability, and warm environment where a child grows up confident of their self, their future.
>From there, the slings and arrows of everyday life can be dealt with without serious crutches.
I believe the number of drug addicted individuals who had the benefit of two loving, biologically connected (to the child) parents who were present and non-violent is extremely rare. 
In any case, whats your excuse? What is missing in YOUR life that you lack the will to overcome clearly destructive tendencies? I can find the missing link in the patients I have administered iboga to. I can't see the explantion in your case. 
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Sorry.  can't agree with the radical childhood theory.  Both my partner and I had perfectly fine childhoods with 2 parents, Mum and Dad and other siblings.  I went to a private school which cost lots and had a good education, my partner went to a state boys school and did an apprenticeship in painting etc.  We both worked and still work but its a struggle between hanging onto our house, mortgage, and paying bills cos we have spent so so much money on using opiates.  We even grew our own poppies for a few years but that was even worse cos we just built up bigger tolerances cos we didn't have the money issues to slow us down.  Got to the stage where we wanted to go to a party or bbq  but had to go round the garden to get fixed first & then by the time we sorted it and got off nodding out we'd start doing the garden round all over again.  Needless to say we didn't get very far.   I think its more to do with your circle of friends or the places you put yourself.  Its like a conditioning
 that if everyone you know does it, that makes it normal, at least in your own environment.  Its only when you look outside that comfort zone that you realise that its different and other peoples don't share the same opinion......   Allison
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After treating 28 drug addicted patients with iboga over the last 12 months,
I have realized that virtually all my patients had very radical childhood
traumas relating to the absense of the male parent. Of the 28, all of them
were missing the biological father for all or much of their childhood. This
put them on a road to alienation, bad decision making, early hard drug use,
and over the years, their health and relationships have been unsteady and
unsatisfying. Many have come close to overdose death.
Pot users are not immersed in this lifestyle and are not of this experience.
The premise by eldot is incorrect.
Marc Emery
Iboga House
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>>>News for the potheads, junkies are no "sicker" then any of the
rest of you, or any of the "normal" people for that matter. How
about the right to human dignity for all humans instead of this
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