dpa and legalizing crack

eldot eldot at mail15.com
Sat Sep 6 22:12:52 EDT 2003


Show me where in their mission statement it says "we want to 
legalize crack"

The DPA is for ending the "war on drugs" not legalizing crack. I 
am really sick and tired of all the entheogen people and potheads 
who adopt a holier then thou attitude how what they are doing is 
ok and the poor sick "hard drug" users should be saved from 

The stereotypes of junkies as toothless unwashed losers are 
promoted by most of the cannabis reform movement, medical 
marijuana anything else you want to call it. 

I don't see any of you doing anything except dividing into 
factions and it is all the pot calling the kettle black.

End the war on drugs. 

News for the potheads, junkies are no "sicker" then any of the 
rest of you, or any of the "normal" people for that matter. How 
about the right to human dignity for all humans instead of this 

More news is that while I don't have anything at all good to say 
about Bush, the war on drugs got no better under Clinton. It's a 
two party system. The libertarians, marijuana party, green party, 
any party you want to call it, are not going to be winning any 
presidential elections.

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