[ibogaine] assistance required

markdreser at ziplip.com markdreser at ziplip.com
Sat Sep 6 18:04:47 EDT 2003

Busy month for ibogaine. Been reading for months but taking my talks to private email but this I can't pass up.

Debra Mash and Stanley Glick. Dana Beal, Ken Alper, Patrick Kroupa, Howard Lotsof, Daniel Pinchbeck and Sandra Karpetas from Marc Emery.

Nothing with ibogaine surprises me but this surprises me. Patrick giving a talk called Life in the Psychedelic Ghetto and you list your affiliation with Healing Visions instead of Mindvox? 

Did a lot of money or stock change hands?
Is someone being blackmailed?
Did someone at last do so much LSD they broke what was left of their mind?

You are the same Patrick who invented the slang Treatment Pimps right? You are the same Patrick who has filled every issue of Heroin Times with rants about drug treatment. 

The devil's son comes home. Now I've seen everything.

No way. This isn't happening.

Patrick are you ok?


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> To those list members who had previously supported the Dora Weiner Foundation 
> (DWF) and myself to present on Ibogaine and Methadone at the American 
> Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence I would like to once again
> thank 
> you.
> The Foundation is now proceeding with a new project, "West Coast/East Coast: 
> State of the Art."  The intent of this project is to allow DWF participation 
> in two conferences. The first sponsored by the California Society of Addiction
> Medicine (CSAM) will take place in October where three presentations on 
> ibogaine will delivered.  The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) will sponsor an
> Ibogaine 
> Roundtable at their conference that will take place in East Rutherford, NJ in 
> November.
> Please review our "West Coast/East Coast: State of the Art" Project page for 
> details on the conferences and presenters.  
> http://www.doraweiner.org/eastwest.html
> A total of $7,500.00 is required for DWF to fulfill it requirements to this 
> multi-conference project.  Contributions are tax deductible and will be
> greatly 
> appreciated.
> I look forward to your responses and assistance.
> Howard
> Howard S. Lotsof
> President
> Dora Weiner Foundation
> 46 Oxford Place
> Staten Island, NY 10301
> tel, 718 442-2754
> fax, 718 442-1957
> email, dwf123 at earthlink.net
> http://www.doraweiner.org

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