[ibogaine] Fw: Narcan injections for detox??? American Journal of Addiction.

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I'd like to watch these experts inject themselves with Naloxone when
habituated to opiates.

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Seems a bit barbaric to me.

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> The Effectiveness of Combined Naloxone/Lofexidine in Opiate
> Detoxification: Results from a Double-blind Randomized and
> Placebo-controlled Trial. Beswick T, Best D, Bearn J, Gossop M, Rees S,
> Strang J. American Journal of Addiction (2003) 12;4:295-305
> Dear Colleagues,
> This intriguing trial from a London based group gave frequent injections
> of naloxone to addicts in a detoxification ward.
> The authors state that methadone 'has been the standard treatment for
> in-patient opioid detoxification'. This may be the case in England but
> not necessarily elsewhere. There seems to be an assumption that
> lofexidine (and/or clonidine) are safe and effective in outcomes of
> opioid withdrawal episodes. Although there are apparently fewer
> hypotensive side effects with lofexidine ('Brit-Lofex), a recent study
> from England, a generation of experience and the absence of a reported
> black market would seem to cast some doubt on their efficacy in
> successful heroin withdrawals. Next comes the rather controversial and
> little-researched use of naloxone in drug withdrawal. These researchers
> gave most subjects over 30 hypodermic injections, a behaviour which most
> of us are actively trying to discourage.
> After finding that there were no significant differences in overall
> outcomes in those randomised to receive the antagonist naloxone, the
> authors come to the surprising conclusion that more research is needed
> on this treatment modality for those trying to quit heroin. With the
> increasing use of buprenorphine for detoxification, it would seem almost
> outlandish to support the use of injectable, short acting antagonists
> like naloxone.
> About half of the 33 references are from the authors themselves which
> may indicate their pre-eminence in the field of opioid detoxification.
> Comments by Andrew Byrne ..
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