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Douglass Greene:  A good article; love it!!  I know it is factual.  I was lucky enough to have Eric Taub
treat my 23 year Grandson about 3 or 4 years ago.  I am a wild enthusiastic convert to Ibogaine
therapy.  It is the greatest thing discovered since the discovery of the Polio vaccine.

My Grandson had been hooked since he was 12 years.  However, the after care is absolutely 
essential.  My Grandson is serving sentence for transgressions committed over a period of time
covering several years prior to the treatment.  He did relapse several times but he never suffered 
withdrawal symptoms again.  he is really sold on Ibogaine having been through several rehab. clinics which failed to serve him.  

I think the recidivism rate for all Rehab. clinics combined is somewhere between 85% and 99% or
no better then the recidivism rate of prison.  But the PROHIBITIONIST continue to espouse justice
dept. route for drug offenses.

I think the recidivism rate for Ibogaine therapy is somewhere less than 25% and with continued 
comprehensive rehab. therapy it could be as little as 2% to about  6%!!!   Having fought this battle
for 8 or 10 years I don't think there anything else in the world that can come close to the 
effectiveness of IBOGAINE.

I couldn't be a stronger advocate for IBOGAINE therapy.  

Tommy Goodson  

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  I wrote an article about Eric Taub's work in Gainesville that was recently posted to his site:




  Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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