[ibogaine] "Ibogaine alternatives" in psychedelic therapy

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Jonathan mentioned "rapid detox", I spent $15,000.00 at a hospital in
Portland,Or. approx 5-6 yrs. ago. Was the MOST HORRIBLE experiance of my 53
yrs on earth.

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I'd long heard reports (or perhaps just hazy recollections of stuff I'd
read other places) that other psychedelics (such as ketamine and
ayahuasca) can help interrupt or mediate addiction.  Obviously this
raises the whole chicken-or-the-egg thing here about treating the soul
as well as the body, but I'm talking about perhaps using Ibogaine in
conjunction (not at the same time!) or possibly in adjunct to some other
sorta psychedelic therapy.  Unfortunately, I can't find any references
on the ayahuasca thing.  Can anyone help?

It has been shown that administration of ketamine with morphine reduces
or prevents the development of morphine tolerance, so these two are
sometimes used in conjunction with each other in chronic pain patients.
There is this psychiatrist, Evgeny Krupitsky, who has been treating
alcoholics and heroin addicts using ketamine fairly successfully
(slightly over the regular relapse margin, which is good, if you
consider that famous experiment that Timothy Leary did where he found
that the relapse rate was approximately the same upon doing nothing at
all as it was with regular therapy anyway - but I digress).

I'm not sure what the "trip" on Ibogaine is like, but perhaps if it is
not quite meeting God the goal should be to get people detoxed first,
and get them to see if perhaps there's something beyond the veil after
that.  (Seems like this could at least do no worse than the usual MO of
sitting around and watching television until the Librium wears off, but
this is all from anecdotal reports I've heard from other people.)
Everything I've heard about that "rapid detox" is that it is absolutely

OK, there was a point to this message in posting a buncha references but
my ride is here and it's already been a long day.  If you're interested
I'll post them tomorrow (or more than likely, as is usually the case,
this will not get any responses, but hell, just throwing that out


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