[ibogaine] Buprenorphine and Iboga and Yage

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Howard replied in part. 

Buprenorphine is used for LOWER dose addiction
treatment, generally 30mg of methadone or less. It is
a opiate agonist/antagonist - it WILL cause (throw
someone into) withdrawal if they are on too high a
dose of opiates. At lower doses it substitutes one
drug (opiate) for another and once the addiction is
transitioned to "boop", it has minimal withdrawal in
and of itself - of course if you were abusing the
stuff it would likely be worse. It will NOT end
cravings after treatment as ibogaine does, only while
you are on it.

Ibogaine, for ANY drug addiction I am aware of (so
far) will make someone UN-ADDICTED, interrupt the
physical AND often much of the psychological
addiction. There is no other substance on earth known
that has the same effects unless (maybe) it is derived
from ibogaine or is ibo-like, nor-ibogaine is an
example, the primary metabolite from ibogaine. A
single dose of ibogaine deposits nor-ibogaine in fat
and brain cells to the tune of 100 and 30 times blood
concentrations (it was made by the aliens specifically
to save mankind). After an ibogaine treatment,
nor-ibogaine stays in your system, how long no-one
knows it stays in so long they cannot measure it -
months. IMO, it stays in much longer than that, it is
a feelable substance inside the body, like being on an
SSRI but nicer and no nasty negative sexual side
effects, only GOOD ONES! (ibo is a true aphrodisiac).

Yage (very short version) is a mixture of an MAOI
containing plant or and a DMT containing plant - there
are many variations. It will NOT detox anyone from
anything, it will NOT end cravings, it WILL (can) help
your head and is the only substance known to actually
increase 5HT receptors (serotonin) in the brain - this
is a good thing. Lacking Would it "help" sure,
anything good will "help" though an MAOI while
addicted to methadone (off hand) I don't know if it is
safe. It absolutely is NOT safe for
coke/speed/alcohol/SSRI addictions (mixing in an
MAOI), or chocolate for that matter. 

There have been several posts on the subject, my only
personal experience is with ibogaine.


--- jocy <jr at israven.com> wrote:
>  Hi group, I asked few days ago abot the diferences
> and similarities about
> treating with ibogaine and ayauaska or yage, for
> opioid addict , i didn´t
> got any answer and i wold like to know a lot more
> about this matter, if
> someone cant tell me or send me some information
> please
> Regards
> Jocy
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> In a message dated 10/3/03 9:50:11 PM,
> deartheo at ziplip.com writes:
> >I know we were discussing (not enough in my
> opinion) how iboga compairs
> >with yage in treating addiciton. Has anyone heard
> of anyone useing 
> buprenorphine
> >prior to or after iboga treatment. I know next to
> nothing about 
> buprenorphine
> >so if it is a shitty treatment sorry for bringing
> it up, i'm learning as
> >i go : )
> Buprenorphine is a narcotic having both agonist an
> antagonist actions. It 
> can precipitate withdrawal in an opioid dependent
> patient. There is a lot of
> information on buprenorphine on the web but, my
> guess is no one has used 
> ibogaine to treat buprenorphine dependence. Or
> followed ibogaine therapy
> with 
> buprenorphine. Your question is a very interesting
> one.
> Howard
> . 

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