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sandra . windforme at graffiti.net
Sat Nov 29 08:37:08 EST 2003

Yipes! It's been awhile since I've been able to read the list, it's amazing to see so many responses to this thread. It's good. I guess all I really need to clarify is that I'm not really as 'bent' as it may have come across. My point was intended to be simple: basically, i took the description of the interaction between Kroupa and Pinchbeck at the forum to be a little bit more than what I had personally experienced or perceived. I didn't really think it was such a big deal...My second response was  just a reaction to the s.o.b/saddam emery thing...I said I wouldn't post anymore 'cause I think it's kinda silly really. Funny too, mind you. I meant that I wasn't going to post on this topic anymore, not on the list entirely...As you can see I've changed my mind about posting on this thread. I felt like I should share my thoughts now that it's gone this deep and re-clarify...

Someone posted earlier that it would have been good to hear a synopsis of what was talked about, I think that's a great idea as a lot of great information was shared. It was a totally worthwhile experience. The forum was filmed, I'm just waiting to get a copy of it so that we can post it on pot-tv for all to see. Stay tooned...

I'd love to see more co-operation between people in the ibo movement. Please don't take my comments to be more than that. My reasons for wanting to see less focus on the nitty gritty is really directly related to my work. There's so much to learn sometimes it seems slightly overwhelming, and when the focus get's switched to well, whatever...it get's a bit frustrating for me, but i'm openminded regardless and paying attention whenever possible. So don't go git'n yer knickers in a knot over trivials...

On another note, perhaps now a new topic:

We're in the process of creating a database of information for people who have undergone Ibo therapy. At the therapy house this means starting in our own backyard in B.C. and contacting service providers, therapists, counsellors, detox progs., insite, people working in all sorts of treatment modalities such as md's, naturopaths, homeopaths, yoga instructors, nutrition counsellors, masseurs and others, as well as reps. from the compassion clubs, drug user advocacy groups etc...to create a list of people who are informed about ibo therapy and willing to offer their support to those who have experienced it and need support in aftercare (like Jaden). 

It's quite a task to take on but we're hoping to have our first meeting soon and I think there's going to be a strong group there. Hopefully we can at least begin with a links page that provides some options to check out. 

The plan is to expand it into a database of these options available around the globe. Anyone interested in sending links/ideas/contact info please contact me off list at sandra at ibogatherapyhouse.org. It would be a useful tool for all of us I think.  

thx and cheers out to all you freaks,

-madam madass saddam sandra 

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I agree with carla too, in 2 years i've posted to this list 3 times and
keep on reading it because it doesn't bore me. I now got a inbox full
of hate mail or peeps who are saying right on all the peeps who rep ibo
are maniacs. I dont care about the hate i hit deleat, the peeps going
right on didnt understand anything I said because all their mail says
the same thing, everybody should be more like they are and theyre the
ones who should be doing all the talking except nobody cares to hear
I liked the conf a lot, I loved dhoruba and I i love seeing patrick and
pinchbeck because its like two sides of a different world, homeboy is
a drug monster who's done more of everything then near anybody i ever
heard of, pinchbeck is a burning man entheo weenie, they got a lot of
tension and put on a great show i'd pay just to see the two of them put
on a entheogen deathmatch ;-> no issues at all. if everybody did a science
talk i'd fall asleep its dull, the whole show was dope, nice combo of
everything. if saundra is going to be all bent out of shape over one
msg then smoke another bowl and calm down because thats bullshit, like
i say my opinion and i'm not allowed to? who elected you god. the people
dissing marc emery is a joke too, lighten up and get a sense of humor.

My exact issue is with dana beal dissing people as garbageheads. nobody
needs to be hearing that shit when I paid money to get in their and watch
this, if i'm a garbagehead then i would have taken my money and spent
it on another bag. that was not called for. that's my issue. I do not
need to pay money to see a show and then have someone who put it on diss
people for attending. especially stoners who are baked 24/7 saying that
shit. who you talking to, say it to yourself.


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>Well said Carla. Kudos 2 u
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