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Jaden:  You bring up some very valuable points.  In some ways "After-Care" may be as important
if proper follow-up is secured, as the original IBOGAINE THERAPY.   Without it too many addicts
relapse or recidivate fail in their attempt to stay sober.  It is not a particular weakness so much
as it the very nature of ADDICTION.  

I am 80 years old and I have never been addicted, fortunately, so I cannot speak from experience but as an interested observer and having a Grandson, 26 years old,who was addicted from the age of 12
and is serving a 5 year term now for transgressions committed after having a complete 6 day treatment with IBOGAINE, the absence of proper follow-up therapy was sorely missed.  With proper
"After-Care" I feel sure he would have made it.  No one is a stronger advocate for IBOGAINE than he. 

 Even now, he says he must have a booster treatment of Ibogaine Therapy when he is free and he  now knows the value of follow-up therapy.   I remain committed to and am totally convinced that it
is the only existing affective treatment for "DRUG ADDICTION" 

I am a convinced observer of Marc Emery's authenticity and his dedication to serving his fellow men.  There are other individuals actively involved in the service and treatment of "Drug Addicts"
who can help and give you valuable.  

One thing you can do is start a "Group Therapy" following right in your own community.  Your active participation in such a group would probably benefit you to an unlimited extent.  And your message gives me the idea you are "Champing at Bit" to get into the action of the Drug Reform
movement and the clean-up after-math of the over-all experience.

Other than Marc Emery, there are other individuals around the country who can help you.  One of these people is the gentleman with whom I dealt for my Grandson for treatment is an Eric Taub.  He
is a fine person and has helped hundreds of ADDICTS.  He, as much as any one I know, can give
you more information.   He is located in Gainsville, Fl.  Marc Emery is in Vancouver, B. C., Canada.

First, though, there is tons of information on the internet about the treatment and "After-Care" of addicts.  Learn all you can from this source and especially the first person accounts of "Recovering Addicts" who have successfully taken the necessary "Ibogaine Therapy
Treatments" and the follow-up group therapy deemed so necessary and indispensable for 
continued sobriety.   

I understand Eric has treated more 450 addicts; he has a very special ambition to treat 5% of the world's addicts.  There are many dedicated individuals in the activity of "Drug Problem Solving" and
more are getting into the action all the time.  One day I trust that there will be enough people in the
"FIGHT" to blow the lid off the cult of secrecy surrounding the "Drug and Ibogaine Movement".

One day politicians will acknowledge the efficacy of IBOGAINE and jump on the "band-wagon".

I am not a philanthropist; just an old man sitting on the side lines adding a word here and there in
the hopes of helping some poor unfortunate "DRUG ADDICT".  I am not religious, "But for the grace
of God it could be me".

I am not an expert on Drug Addiction but I sure have learned a hell of a lot about addiction as an 
interested observer.  I never really wanted to know anything about DRUGS AND DRUG ADDICTION.
Eric Taub's  e-mail address is ibeginagaine at aol.com.  Marc Emery's e-mail address is info at ibogainetherapyhouse.

Tommy Goodson 

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  Bickering Schmickering. Thats my only comment on that. I just did a gram of HCL for a detox and interuptor. It did its work of course. It always seems to. Im doing many things differently this time. Its so easy to get cocky with the ibo-glow hey? Nice, Im cured. 

  Heres a question. After care. Where is it? What does it look like? Ive been looking into it for quite a while now. Ive been trying to write it all out. Everything I can find because I want to put it all together in case someone needs to read it. So far after every time Ive done Ibogaine the only support I can find is this list. Studying Ibogaine. All aspects of it. You guys are my unwitting teachers. I know there are other eager minds out there. I have vitality that I want to put to use. 
   I believe that there needs to be a list such as this for people who have done Iboga but with a focus of after care. 
    I know Ibogaine leaves a bad taste in all our mouths when we eat it but when you try to talk about it to people it leaves a bad taste in their mouths through lack of understanding. My dads a Dr so you can guess what talking to him is like. NA AA want honesty. What are you doing now? Conversation ends there. This Church Ive been going to with a program called Celebrate Recovery shunned me for the Ibogaine and the Chinese Herbs I followed up with. What a stab. Its enough getting it from the people in the world but thats why we need more banding together on the list. 
   So its a solo mission and this list and the information on Iboga like the Dossier and the books are all I have. 
  Im in Canada and cant leave the country to go to conferences so when they happen it would be nice to hear the meat of them not the "bickering". I just would like to do something and the only thing I can come up with is after care. 

   So, any links, suggestions, thoughts, opinions. I just need to be pointed in a direction. 

    And Martine, I appreciate your fresh and positive views. It encourages me very much. And I like reading your writings Preston. I like how almost everyone on this list have some other huge project that they take care of. Its such a huge fight for everything. The whole Methadone things sucks. So lets start NAMA. You all do something about something and I respect that because after reading up on everyone, most of you come from where I am right now. 

   Another thing, I know both Marc and Sandra and I can give you quality assurance. Marc is patient enough to deal with addicts like myself and the only thing I saw in those postings was his sense of humour. 

  And another-nother thing I was wondering is how many observers we have. Like me. I just sat back for a year. Because Im young and I really cant keep up with you guys. But for all the wallflowers hello and you should say something. Because I cant be the only one who needs to know that there are others out there who are fresh to the whole experience. 

  As much as things seem to be clearer, minds are easily moulded post Ibogaine I think. Because theres just so much you want to know. Its like getting your boyhood curiosity back but alas I ramble...


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