[ibogaine] CBS news L.A. ibo piece

marc420emery at shaw.ca marc420emery at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 14 19:08:02 EST 2003

You can actually get KTLA on digital cable here in British Columbia, but I will be in Newfoundland on Monday so I hope its all good. The scenes at ITH looked neat., I saw it on their monitors.

Marc Emery
Iboga House

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> It's the local 11 pm newscast, only in L.A. I helped the producer 
> out and 
> provided her with some footage. The producer seems sincere about 
> wanting to 
> give hope to addicts and provide information about ibo. She got 
> the idea 
> from reading the LA Weekly article and filmed treatment at the 
> Ibogaine 
> Therapy House in Vancouver.
> Los Angeles CBS local news 11 PM Monday night. Check it out if you 
> can.
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> >What is the name of the program please?
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