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Brett Calabrese bcalabrese at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 10:31:24 EST 2003


Congradulations on getting your life back, enjoy. 

Just FYI/FWIW. Some people require more than one
treatment, some don't, I am sure I will do it again
though I don't have any addictions to conquer - in
more moderate dosages. Some of "IT" (the
ibo/knowledge/understanding/nor-ibo plugged into
receptors...) fades in time, some of it doesn't.
Meaning, a lot of goodness is still ahead but a lot of
the ibo-glow will fade, things tend to get more normal
- and often more challenging as time goes on. Get a
life, work on yourself, "enjoy" for sure, be true to
yourself (you know what to and what not to do...),
yadda, yadda.  

What happened to me was that after my first 6 months
it was like "where did IT go", and then things got
difficult (for me) and I needed re-treats/boosters. In
retrospect, 20/20 I really can't say there isn't some
kind of therapy or something I didn't do that I should
have done - no. There are others who seem to do fine
with just 1 tx and never look back.

Anyway, just a heads-up, the glow fades, life comes
back, shit happens and no, you don't have to get high
over it, what is the use anyway??? But now, you KNOW,
you can have freedom, you can have your life, you can
have a future, ABSOLUTELY without a doubt and it is


You are very welcome BTW, it would be nice to hear
your story/experience, if you feel like sharing.


--- Justin Thyme <ibogaine at homosapiens.net> wrote:
> i took ibogaine 1 month ago, it was an amazing
> experience. i'm feeling stronger everyday. it
> feeeeeeels so good to be alive again after almost 10
> grueling years as a junkie. thank you, everyone,
> everything. thank you so much.
> justin thyme

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