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Well said Callie

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I would have come if it was closer to my home in Nashville!
Is there any way some of these forum could go on the road?
I work in the medical field and I am an addict who has other addict friends
who still use and addict friends in recovery, both 12 step and methadone
maintenance. I have yet to meet anyone who has ever heard of Ibogaine!
Education of the public and professionals is what Ibogaine needs now! If
more people knew about it maybe it would be considered a treatment option
here in the States faster.

I want to know why at an Ibogaine forum would 12 step approach be debated?
No one approach in treatment is going to work for 100% of the addicts. 12
steps programs are great! It is a wonderful outline to use to manage
yourself and your demons or 'shortcomings' as they say in AA.
Can we not all work together so to speak?
I know that I respect counselors or therapists who are well versed in all
treatment models and can help an individual discover what will be best or
work for them.

I note so much anger and hostility on this list at times.
It tickles me but more than that after the humor goes away it is sad that
all you intelligent people can't accept one another and pull together for
the common goal of helping addicts clean up!

Loving this list though!
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