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>As advertised and as all you set it up for. When all you have time youre
>not putting on a conference your doing a show and you know it. As advertised
>exactly. Patrick does theater and his whole art of self destruction speech
>and entheogen insanity is going to set off Pinchbeck who doesn't know
>anything about drug addiction. Every space I ever go dan is pompous and
>full of himself hes used to peeps bowing down to him as the wise drug
>tourist, you know you put him next to Patrick and it's going to blow.
>That's why you do it. And both of them played it. Pinchbeck starts to
>talk patrick walks off the stage and Patrick talks pinchbeck get uptight
>when he talks about entheogens, now you got patric talking. 'want to
>step up to the mic daniel' don't think homeboy was going to kiss daniel.
>Enjoyed the show love seeing great theater, no solutions, all personality
>clashes. The kicker being Dhoruba Bin Wahad giving another 12 steps suck
>rant. The only part you forgot was to get anyone to debate pro 12 steps.
>Usually there are two sides in a debate. I'd love to see anyone pro the
>12 steps debate patrick and dhoruba. patrick can givea deranged rant,
>  then punch him and dhoruba can shoot him and throw the body in a car.
>What it is that dhoruba bin wahad has done for addiction. All I know
>about him is robbing and killing drug dealers with the black panthers,
>  to protect the community by spending their money and selling the drugs
>themselves. all they started was the whole black preying on each other
>mentality that hip hop promotes today. murdering officers in uniform
>then getting away with it and suing the city of ny for a million and
>winning. Nice person.
>Dana no need to disrespect your audience nobody in it can be any sicker
>then all of you on the stage.
>Great show, where do I get the video? :->

my personal opinion is that the tension between the speakers provided 
dynamic which was critical and frankly,made the conference more 
interesting, also i would like to add that Rommel Washingtom spoke 
about the pros and cons of 12-step programs. i was paying attention.

ps i thought Dana did a great job

next time we need more promotions to addicts, im not suprised how 
little of them came.

respectfully yours
Maya McCarthy
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