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Was this posted to this list?,6000,1045038,00.html

I seem to remember some one saying that it was an imporved version of 
the piece from the LA Weekly. Pinchbeck was at our forum on 
Sunday--which went really well, about 40 participants taking in an 
expanded 5 hour versionof the panel at the DPA conf, which was kind 
of rushed.

This was much better, amd as advertized there was debate in the first 
workshop--or at least a personality clash between Pincbeck and 
Patrick. The best thing was when the youngest garbagehead present 
averred that he would like to do ibogaine, of course--but that it 
made sense to focus on the anti-addictive properties at present.

Sandra from Iboga Therapy House was there, along with Narda, Romell 
and Jeff Gardiere, the radio host. But the first panel focused less 
on the question of resistance to Ibogaine due to the abstinence-based 
orientation of America at large, and more with what Ibogaine IS.

  The second panel, with Dr. Ken, Howard, Boaz, Dhoruba and Dimitri 
from Detroit dealt more with getting it to be  accessible to people 
who find Vancouver to be to much of a Schlep. But ongoing 
conversations made it clear that opening up in Windsor and Montreal 
may be more complicated it seemed at first blush.

The forum would be a good model for events in other Northeastern 
cities, though.

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