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Tue Nov 4 04:16:33 EST 2003

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From: "Joshua Tinnin" <krinklyfig at pacbell.net>

"Not everyone's experience with the Bwiti has been fruitful. Some people
had much better experiences with "Western" modes of therapy with ibo, and in
fact some people have had very bad experiences with the Bwiti. Of course, it
depends in each case. The Bwiti have understood the spiritual experience
involved with ibo and concentrate on that, but they also have realized the
profit potential of this substance, and are not always fair. Nor are all
therapists. An informed decision is the best sort to make."

Hello Joshua, (The real one ), I partly agree with what you wrote cause I've
read testimony of one guy who met in Africa one healer ok to accompagny him
for the Iboga's initiation but with apparently not the moral values
As you say, some western therapists lack that kind of ethic values too.

But I have lived a very pleasant and unexpected experience myself, with a
Nganga, and that's the reason why I've pleasure to share it.
Have you already did it ?

A question I have already put in this list is : Who knows about the psychic
process crossed during the experience with Iboga ?
I mean, does someone know about studies made on that special point, with
analyses made on the informations " brought back " by the experiencers ?
I would like to share what I've experienced and confront it with other's

I'm quite sure that some individual, cultural and universal pattern acts at
the background of what is experienced, and the informations I've found on
the net sound rather poor for the moment.

Thanks a lot !


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