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Hello, here is a copy of the message I've received from the guy to whom I've commanded the 2 CD I'm waiting for. I've found his adress by surfing on the net : He has various activities about circus teaching and music.
 He is in relationship with Ebando, an association about Bwiti. Here is the url of this association, they have a english website to : http://www.f-i-a.org/ebando/english_presentation.htm

Thanks for your interest about my experience ;-) For my part I've commanded the first two CD.
I can tell you how they sound when I'll receive them.



Do you understand french language ? I translate it ;-)  

Bonjour, Hello

En effet nous avons des cd à vendre: Effectively, we have CD to sell.
- N'Donguy : Musique du BWITI Fang : harpe sacrée, chant et percussions à 15 €
N'Donguy: Music of the Bwiti Fang : Sacred harp, song and drums for 15 €.
- Minanga : Musique du Bwiti Mitshogo: Arc à bouche, chant, percussions, harpe (2 morceaux)à 15 €.
Minanga : Music of the Bwiti Mitshogo : Mouth bow, song, drums and harp (2 pieces) for 15 €.

- Yvon Kassa Minanga: "La Source" d'inspiration de musique du Bwiti ,avec un panaché de musiques traditionnelles, et de morceaux arrangés, modernisés par l'attribution de sons tels que Basse, batterie, flûte traversière, synthétiseur, choeurs, saxophones; sur la base de la harpe, de l'arc à bouche, de l'Obaka ( tige de bois frappée), et tambours Gabonais.
Yvon Kassa Minanga : "The Source", inspired from the Bwiti's music, with a meltingpot of traditional musics, arranged pieces, modernised with integration of sounds like bass, drum set, flute, synthetizer, choirs, saxophones, on musicals bases played by harp, mouth bow, and Obaka (knocked piece of wood), and drums from Gabon.
Ce CD est à 20€. / This CD costs 20 €.

Les trois sont très bons.... The tree CD are very good ...
Il nous suffit de recevoir un chèque du montant désiré à : / We just need to receive a cheque of the right amount at this place :
le Grand Bideau
33430 Le NIZAN
Tél: 05 56 25 23 70
site: http://pageperso.aol.fr/mdeb1639  / Personal website

Le port étant en sus( compter 2€ pour 2 CD....) et bien-sur votre adresse.
The postage is of 2 € for 2 CD, and of course your adress. (This is worthy for french postage of course).

cordialement / cordially



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> > and I've commanded two CD of that music
> Martine, where did you order from?
> Interesting how you used the music during the experience.
> Bill Ross

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