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> Hey Laurent,
> First off, great photographs! If you ever want a list of Los Angeles
> galleries I can send them on to you as my wife is a photographer and knows
> all the local photo galleries.
> Second off, I regret haven writen that turkey line and I'll post an appology
> but I wanted to write and appologize to you first. I'm sorry. I'm one of
> those people who doesn't have any internal censor and just let's it all out
> without thinking ahead. The second I sent it I went whoops, not good.
> I have never met Mellende, so I can not judgements. So you know,
> Hugue/Tatayo never said one bad thing about Mellende. Many others did. The
> line about McDonalds one of his initiate's told me. Something about 30 at a
> time. One thing that did stike me was the amount of Shit-talking that went
> on in Gabon. "I'm the best and he's shit." If this a higher conciousness
> guiding humanity why are they all fighting? Never got a good answer. Perhaps
> it is just that there is no one true way to experience iboga and that there
> are many ways to experience it. Live and let live. What was also surpising
> was that Gabon struck me as one of the most peaceful countires in Africa,
> why all this fighting? I feel deeply ashamed that I succumbed to this base
> human instinct to talk bad of others. You'd hope the iboga could raise this
> base instint, but I guess it's not it's job.
> It is OK for differences of opinion. I don’t think the Bwiti is a funny
> game, but I did think there was something funny about the whole thing. You
> do not find anything funny about it, it is OK to disagree don’t you think?
> God may like humor as much as we do, eh?
> I guess I responded so harshly for two reasons. First I think it important
> that Westerners go to Gabon. It would help Gabon, don't you think? I feel
> that if we (Westerners) are to benefit so greatly from this plant should we
> give back to the source.  Doing an initiation with a village seems to be a
> very powerful way to experience iboga. The second reason was that awhile
> back you wrote that all Nganga's smoke weed and drink and I am a son of
> Mallende so I should know and it rubbed me the wrong way. I did my
> initiation in a small village outside of Lambarene and the nganga, papa
> Andre, was not into weed at all and told me I was not to smoke, something
> about the Bwiti being jealous. He never smoked weed and frowned upon others
> smoking.
> I don't think Hugue ever claims to be a nganga or a healer. He introduced me
> to many different nganga's and I made a choice based on the one I thought
> best, which is a good way for a foriegner to go about it, no?
> Anyway, sorry about the hurtful and stupid comments. I was doing exactly
> what I so dislike. Stupid of me. I will post a public appology if you want
> me to or if you want me to drop it I will.
> Best,
> Steve Anker
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Bokayé Steve,

Now you are iniated to iboga . Next step is the Bwiti initiation , then the
Mwiri....What is your KOMBO( initiate name?).you should have one. Now you
reborn and you have a new family........

Thank you very much to come back on what you said.
Thank you very much for your proposition about exibit in LA gallery. I will
be so happy.I would like to show them. My editor in France did nothing. No
press, no exibitions etc ....very bad communication.........

Yes it is thrue. Sometimes 30 personns come to Mallendi seminar. But
Mallendi has the capacity to work with 30 personns at the same time.
He has always assistants with him to help novices.
How it happens:
First night , he gave them a vomitif and after iboga. People eat 5-6 doses
like hand doses for the first night.and they start to concentrate and to see
like they watch a movie . You just look at the pictures
The second night, you crossed the mirror and you have answers of what you
see the first night.
The way mallendi is doing is quiet different than Papa André from PK 80 from
Libreville.Papa André is a Fang. Mallendi,24 years old, is a Punu from
Mayumba(south Gabon relatively close from Pygmés.(Ehoumou, 47 years old was
iniate in Pygmés village in CONGO long time ago. Ehoumou father's was the
NGANGA of the first Président of Gabon Léon Mba). Mallendi is initiated fom
Dissumba to Missoko gondé and to others rites. He is also initiate in
Panther initiation , did the Mwiri initiation. If you asked Ehoumou, is
spiritual father, we can say that Mallendi was a slave in the Bwiti.
Mallendi is a real Nganga .he has a genetic illness when he was young And
went trought the Tchibanga Marmite( )(I recommand a book from Michael
Talbott , "the holographic universe". Very very interresting!
Mallendi is a young Nganga but at the same time he is an old man.
For exemple, there was a "Nganga competition" between Ehoumou and the King
of Gabon( I forget his name but live near Lambarene).Ehoumou was  the
winner. I'm not putting mallendi or Ehoumou as heros but in what I saw in
Gabon, they are the best Imeet and people you can believe.
Ehoumou is the best nganga I met. He is a very good teacher and has a lot of
knowledge. Just one problem he smokes and drink a lot. But when you
transform yourself to a spirit, it takes you a lot of energy and you need a
lot of "petrol" to travel. He will teach you the thrue.
Ngenza means the thrue. Before in the Bwiti they were in the Bassé.
In the ngenza we just work with wood leafs and bark or roots. No bones no
cranes and no poisons, like if you go at the King initiation or others
In the ngenza, all preparation are made in front of you. Never the Nganga
will prepare in secret. The Ngenza means the opening. Before the bwiti was
closed and secret. The Ngenza is the openning for western people. Tatayo get
the Ngenza mask during a ceremony where there was initiates from differents
rites(north, south, west and east, blacks and whites people).
Few month after,in April 2000 I arrived in Gabon. During a night vision, I
saw all the storie I'm doing in Iboga and Bwiti. I get all signs where my
road is completely opens in the Bwiti and that was confirmed in all step I
did .
Even in France in my home, I have my BUENZE and all the staff of Bwiti. Even
I have the Bwiti in my garden.

I would like to know if you did the Edika ceremony in the initiation and if
you did the banana full of iboga.(the edika is the paquet for reconstruction
with your cosmic cord inside.)(you are supposed to keep it in your Bwiti
staff). I would like to share more informations but I can't with no initiate
and also you have to see yourself to understand!  (the edika looks like a
spoutnik coming back from space in the morning. It is the place you travel
in your inside and outside.
Who were in your initiation. I know Papa André is very old and don't
understand sometimes. Don't believe Tatayo. Papa andré was a pot smoker like
Tatayo and most of the Ngangas.
I know that it is very difficult to understand why they are so shit talking
(like Tatayo says: why giving holy-wood to stupid people just give them
chicken shit). 
If Tatayo bring you to Papa Andre, it is because he did it at the same place
in 1979.
Mallendi was the president of Ebando association with Tatayo and Christophe.
But they separate for money problem. The repartition of the little money
they start to make was a problem so each follow is own road.
Since Mallendi went to France, Tatayo was loose. No more Nganga for the
association, so no more initiation and nobody in Tatayo village. Tatayo has
a special character and he is to complicate to work with people.
We are not in the colony times.You can't treat the people like he does!( we
are not shit)
I don't complain about Tatayo . I know him and I respêcted him.
We are all Tatayo in the mind. He wants to do a lot but he is to complicate
in his head!
If people criticize mallendi it is because he succeed and people are
envious! and each protect his own chapels.
I have an outside point of view. Even for me it was difficult in the
beginnig. Who believe? Even after the initiation, you don't understand what
happens but it will come. You will get all the answer of what you see in the
mirror or next.Maybe it can takes one year or more. I 'm still discovering
the road I'm following and still understand elements.
So the ritual is very important and probably more for western people.
As a westerner, I read the cosmic snake(Jeremy Narby) and others books from
Mircea Eliade to Castaneda. Even I will advise Jeremy Narby to go to Gabon,
he will have the answer of what he is looking.
The Bwiti is our ancester. Pygmés are the oldest people from the past still
living. The world start in central Africa and the life start on earth.
We are loosing our world to look for E. T in the space. The Bwiti will
explain you . It is not necessary to look on left or right. Everything is in
the middle. (remmenber what Tatayo explain you about the Mask and were it
happens. It was the same for me for the pirogue.)
Did you understand why it was important to clap in your hand during iboga
ceremony, and what is the process.........etc
The Bwiti is the first university on earth. In the Bwiti you will have all
explication about you and your environment. From the feet to the head.
It was the school for the pygmés to learn how to survive in the rainforest
and to treat all pathology they can meet in forest.
Why Bwiti is very strict and not funny because the life in jungle is fucking
hard and you can't be stupid because you will be dead! to many snakes,
animals, poisons, etc

How to help Gabon: it is a good question.
Gabon is a very rich country, by forests, minerales, oil, etc
For me it is like a french departement under the tropics, because every body
speaks french, are dressed in city like in Paris, etc
Did you see the rich houses near Tatayo places? They are so fucking rich,and
they fly to Paris every 2 weeks.they spend there money in Cartier, Channel
Dior....etc 5% get all the money. The rest are living in suburbs(matiti) and
villages . 
Most of the gabonese living in Libreville are more "white" than I am.
No problem of security in Gabon , very safe and cool people. You can travel
every where with out problems.
If you want to help, I can talk about mallendi's idea to open a
hospital-village in Panga (south Gabon). A very good place for initiation
and chamanic exhange between africa and the rest of the world.
The problem with Gabonese people, they will waste! As they waste there
country with the benediction of French Power. I don't blame them, it is a
question of cultures and traditions and educations. Also we gave them a bad
look!Did you see how much we sell the Gabon to China economy.They buy now
all the oil and they cut forest with no respect. Iboga is not only plants
.there are many plants for medecine but nobody respect the forest and it
becomes very difficult to find them. Ngangas are obliged to go far away to
find them.

For me the best to help Gabon was to do the Bwiti initiation and after the
Mwiri initiation. Now with the understand I get , I can say how much the
bwiti and iboga is very important and why I support iboga unstead of
Gabonese under colonisation loose their tradition. During centuries, whites
people told them that their ritual was sorcellery and very bad.They should
go to the christian church and pray holy-father.
If more and more people are initiate to Bwiti and iboga, we could fight (all
initiate are our brotherhood ). This is why now the work of Mallendi is very
important in Europe and to publish books also is very important to get the
consideration from gabonese. Most of gabonese don't respect their own
tradition and prefer to go to church because colony and missionaries push
them in the church. The new respect of the Bwiti will come from the western
world. If a white man told to a gabonese that the Bwiti rite is fantastic,
they will beleive the white man.It is like that in Gabon!
(Mwiri is the initiation when you go really deeper in the knowledge of the
forest world. When you are initiate in the Mwiri, you become an
eco-warriors. In the past, Mwiri was the environement police to protect the
forest ressources.
Did you hear about the influence of white father in Sects( synchretic
church, the new Jesus ....etc all this shit are very influent in Gabon.

I can talk more and more

I wish you all the best and if you need more informations you are welcome

For them who wants to go to Gabon, I know different places. It depends of
what you are looking and what you need.

For exemple, mallendi and Ehoumou works is good for people who wants to
learn about the natural sciences and consultations( when you see throught
the body and when you are able to help people. It is good for men, young
people and peole who wants a really local initiation. They make all the
process from pygmés traditions. It is very hard with a lot of protocols. You
will get the all package of your initiation. Mostly Bwiti Missoko-gonde,
Ngenza & iboga initiation.
Local life in village with all risks. No english speaking actually.
E-mail:   Mallendi at voila.fr

Christophe and wife(she is gabonese and has the right to initiate ) are a
very good place for women and people who don't want to suffer. No many
protocols and good food, love and fraternity. An initiation in a good family
with no confusions, no muddle. There is electricity, water, etc,confort.
And nobody triying to stole your money or your staff. You can do your
initiation with no bad trip. A place for iboga & spirituality initiation
( web: Mbeng Ntame family)
E-Mail: christophe mathelin:      c.mathelin at caramail.com

Tatayo is very good to give you all information you need in Gabon.
Also he speaks english. A good place to stay in Libreville!
A lot of energy!
He is the white man who better than gabonese their culture.
I can't confirm for initiation. it depends who works with him.
If you want to go to pygmes initiation he is your man.
He has all contacts with institutions in Gabon.
The first time, I land there.
E-mail: Tatayo.ma-missoba" <ibogabon at yahoo.fr>

ALL the best et bonne appetit


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