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Write to Hugue at ibogabel2003 at yahoo.fr or send me an e-mail off-site and we
can set up a time and talk.


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>Thank you.  What you are saying about truly honoring the people of Gabon
>are giving something priceless to the gringos is what we all need to be
>of.  It is our duty but more than that it should be a source of
>to be able to give back.
>What I'd like to know is if you are able to provide specifics about going
>Gabon for people who would like to participate in the iboga initiation in
>way in which you describe.
>Many thanks,
>Mary Ditton

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Dear Steven and Dibadi and All

I know Tatayo (hughues Poitevin, french citizen living in Gabon) and also I
know Mallendi(Herman Nzamba).
I know Tatayo experience because he told me some part. I know him because I
spent some month with him and Mallendi.
I know also how much the people of Gabon and anywhere are envious.
Mallendi and Tatayo were working together and they were relatively closed.
But one day they separate. I will not tell why and because, but it is.
Since this time, Tatayo is working alone;and Mallendi follow his road.
Christophe(an another french living in Gabon), also separate from Tatayo
village and create his own village( Mbeng-Ntame village(web site), a good
adress for iboga initiation with authorities,from his wife).
Where is the problem?
 Does Mallendi is a master Nganga with authorisation to initiate people. I
will say YES.You can ask Ehoumou, his spiritual father and the 900 people
mallendi initiate.(I'm one of those and if you want as initiate we can talk
about the Bwiti and the Ngenza).
It is not a question of age. I work since 4 years with Mallendi and his
father Ehoumou( Itsa Manga).They gave me  so much !
Does Tatayo have the right(from the tradition) to initiate people. I will
say NO. Does Tatayo is a healer, I will say NO. He is just a nice
psychedelic guy who understand a lot about the Bwiti and the relativity of
human aspect" we are just a maggot and will become a maggot" "Bassé, Bassé"
Tatayo  will never give you 1cm obout the Bwiti.( I just gave you 2 cm line
It is not because you eat iboga during initiation giving you the right to
initiate people.
Mallendi is a real chaman(nganga).

So Dibadi and Steven, please stop telling who is the best or not.and don't
say Mallendi make a Mc Donald initiation. He is not a turkey. If you don't
pay from your pocket you will not paid attention and you will waste your
initiation. Banzi(novices) in Gabon had to stay and work in the village for
maybe one year, under the control of Ngangas. Bwiti is not a funny game!!!
What Mallendi does in France is an approach of iboga initiation. It is not
the initiation. I participate to one of this seminar in France. People are
lucky to have this kind of experience in France In a soft way. Even one
night in France doing iboga is fucking hard for some people. so I can't
imagine those people in middle of Africa having the iboga in a village. They
have confort in France that doesn't exist in Gabon. You just sat(on the
floor) in the temple for 3 days with a lot of protocoles and authorities.
For idéa , I suggest you sat on woodboard and clap hand non stop for all
night. We can talk after... Why and how you can succeed and what it does in
Please Dibadi don't be the Ngozo of TATAYO.
I don't know Marion the famous ethno-psychiatre, but I heard some comments.

Myself I had the greatest experience you can have in your life: From
invisible to visible and from visible to invisible. Ask Tatayo about the
Ngenza mask and the pirogue. Who get the pirogue after night vision?
And more..............

Dioma Ka!  bassé, bassé,... Ngenza

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