[ibogaine] who's minding the store at ethnogarden?

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Nick you are very misinformed.

WE DO NOT SHIP ANY IBOGA PRODUCTS TO THE US. NOT STRIPPED OR THE LIKE. WE WILL  NOT MAKE ANY EXCEPTIONS.  It's simple if you are a US citizen and wish to purchase our Iboga or Peyote products you come to Canada and purchase them from one of the shops we deal with in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or Windsor.

Also your facts are off on ibotinic acid and muscimol. They are not illegal. The Amanita mushroom and all its contents are legal in all of the world. Please research before mis-informing people!
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  but its illegal to sell it to us people so they strip it and sell it to us people and in canadas the good shit that they sell to the ibogaine docs!

  ad astra <metagrrl at yahoo.com> wrote: Ethnogarden is a Canadian company, iboga and ibogaine
    are legal here - so I doubt they are deliberately
    selling bunk. I believe they are dealing in good
    faith and *IF* they are selling product with low
    ibogaine content it is unintentional.

    --- Nick Labus wrote:
    > Thank you very much ad astra i would like to note
    > that i hjave had quite a few bad experience with
    > internet sites it sounds as if ethnogarden has bunk
    > iboga i dont know and i dont want to know if you
    > live n usa but some companys in the us or sending

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