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ccadden wrote:

  Steve, he's talking about Ibogaine. Not Marijauna. Do you know what Ibogaine is? There's a vast history to this plant, but there are not a lot of people who know about it. 

No, I was aware he wasn't speaking of marijuana, and I only know as much as one can read on the web in half an hour about ibogaine. Marijuana was simply an example; a plant that has been scheduled and declared illegal is illegal, no matter what you may do to it (i.e., removing the active components) because the law addresses the plant, not the chemical or the affect.  I'm not arguing about the effects of ibogaine, or even about the existence of some group that may or may not remove the effective chemicals from such a plant. I am, however, specifically, saying that:

  some companys in the us or sending the us strip a plant of its oils or alkaloids that are deemed illegal by lawmakers so you may ave bought ibogaine root they didnt tell you the did something to it to destroy the actual alkaloid that makes you have desired effects they do it to amanitas alot they strip all the muscimal and ibotenic acid out of them then sell the amanita muscaria and there real and everything but they cant get arrested for selling a pplant that has a psycoactive substance 
(emphasis mine) This statement is absolutely false. If they can be arrested for selling a plant, then they can be arrested for selling it *even if they remove the 'active' substance*. See what I mean? I'm not challenging ibogain's usefulness (I have insufficient information for that) or the relative accuracy of the assertion that some companies strip it of its useful chemicals (again insufficient information) but *am* challenging the idea that one may strip a controlled botanical of its effective chemical and sell it with impunity. 

peace, light. love

J. Steve

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