Opioid treatment for pain update.

Brett Calabrese bcalabrese at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 29 14:01:09 EDT 2003

Brief update.

There could be more to it than just ibogaine
treatment, age is a factor, that I no longer play
around with drugs (aside from pain meds) the way I use
to and I as I put less junk in me I seem to be more
sensitive. But, it seems that post ibo treatment I am
much more sensitive to morphine and oxycodone, this
was also noted with hydrocodone and codeine
previously. Note that I have not exceeded the
prescription but have broken a few to see what works,
taking any amount of oxy that amounts to a BUZZ or
just because of more pain proves uncomfortable, rather
odd from my past experiences using and abusing
oxycodone (yeah, with lots of other stuff tossed

Please excuse my posting the results of this
experiement. When I was on morphine, basically I was
in pain, not eating, staying up for days and getting
pretty much like this fellow I use to know, minus the
cocaine psychosis. What happens when someone is
severely sleep deprived with some drugs in them is
they get a bit strange, talk to themselves (actually
go between sleep and awake, back and forth during
conversations...), I went to the refrigerator in the
middle of the night and guess I fell asleep standing
there (reminded me of way back when...). Anyway, I
discontinued the morphine the next day. Oxycontin is a
dream compared to the other medications, I am just not
use to it and still has some problems with insomnia.
There is also some slight PUSH to take more, either
when I am in pain or after several days after taking
an opiate, I never do. It might be on the level of say
35 years ago when I was first introduced to drugs,
like that is nice I want to do more or do it again...
cept I don't any longer. I do seem to get hit with
more of a hangover than I use to pre-ibo, again, I am
sure age and other factors are involved.

The other thing the ibo seems to do is to have
detached most old feelings associated with the pain
meds/drugs, they are mostly just gone, like there is
no drug history, no cascade of chemicals going on in
my brain cause I see a drug... nada and oddly so
because it is so gone.

Anyway, I am back to somewhat sane, putting weight
back on and getting energy/focus back. I was well into
the 130#'s, starting to look like Preston (minus the
eye liner) and have not been so sickly in years.

And just when you thought you hit bottom, the tax
folks from New York come up with a $2,400.00 bill that
they say I owe them (from '87) and they are going to
take it from my IRA, NOW. All I have to do is prove I
paid and they will forget the whole thing, I neither
remember or have records from 1987 and am pretty sure
I would have paid like every other year. That would be
from my IRA, so I also get a 10% penalty and taxes...
thank you NY, I will be sure to do business in your
state/city again so we can do this again some day. I
have no problem paying a bill, I have a problem with
fairness, this is not fair.



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