[ibogaine] who's minding the store at ethnogarden?

Nick Labus goosebumpz2002 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 28 15:13:26 EDT 2003

Thank  you very much ad astra i would like to note that i hjave had quite a few bad experience with internet sites it sounds as if ethnogarden has bunk iboga i dont know and i dont want to know if you live n usa but some companys in the us or sending the us strip a plant of its oils or alkaloids that are deemed illegal by lawmakers so you may ave bought ibogaine root they didnt tell you the did something to it to destroy the actual alkaloid that makes you have desired effects they do it to amanitas alot they strip all the muscimal and ibotenic acid out of them then sell the amanita muscaria and there real and everything but they cant get arrested for selling a pplant that has a psycoactive substance or there s option 3 what i thinks going on they keep thre first two things then they use the ibogaine and alkaloids  to ana;ly fuck themselves whiule keeping warm by a fire kindeled by hundred doller bills and byingn yaught s while good  people  who simpl;e would  like to enhance their
 lives are getting screwed so thank you veryvery much ethnogarden  SUCKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSASSSS! your not the first to report bunk product ! 

ad astra <metagrrl at yahoo.com> wrote:

I don't know how to reach them, but I have had
experience, or perhaps I should say non-experience,
with their products. 

I took 25 grams of ethnogarden iboga root bark about a
year ago, but had no discernable effect. At the time
I attributed it to possible absorption problems caused
by mixing it with milk and honey, and also the fact
that I only kept it down for about 2 hours before
puking it up.

A week ago I took 4 grams of ethnogarden extract on an
empty stomach (after fasting for about 15 hours), did
not puke, felt only mild nausea (though I had taken an
OTC anti-nausea medication), and had no noticeable
psychoactive effects. However I did feel physically
rather ill for a couple of days afterward. 4 grams of
the extract, according to the website, should be about
1 gram of ibogaine; proportional to my body weight it
would be around 11-12 mg/kg ibogaine.

This could be just me...I could be immune to iboga's
effects. I should also mention, though, that I spoke
a few days ago to someone who recently ingested 20
grams of root bark powder from ethnogarden and kept it
down for about 2 hours before throwing up. He
described the effects as being "very mild, maybe even
placebo effects."

For what it's worth, I've heard indirect accounts of
people getting some effect from around 5 grams of root
bark powder from ethnogarden.

--- Will wrote:
> Does anyone know how to reach the folks at
> ethnogarden (the canadian place, not
> ethnobotanicals)? I've tried emailing
> info at ethnogarden.com but no response, and I've tried
> calling at various times in the day and evening, but
> no one answers the phone there either. If the
> proprietors are on this list, please reply and let
> me know how to reach you with questions.
> Does anyone else have experience with this company?
> Are they reliable, is their product good?
> Thanks,
> Will

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