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Tue Jun 24 08:08:17 EDT 2003

HI all,
    For the music lovers out there, who enjoy hearing proof that some
musicians make good music, even if they are druggies.;-))
    I got the pleasure of smoking out Steve Perkin's the last time Jane's
Addiction came through, when they played Madison Square Gardens. They had an
aftershow party at the club where my girlfriend works, so I made sure to
introduce myself to Perkins, telling him that some of the people at HT said
hello, to which he replied, "cool, how are the guys over there," which gave
me the opening to offer a bowl, to him and the bass player of Fema Kuti.
    I also did some film work recently, a few months ago now, with Jane's
guitarist Dave Navarro and the singer from Suger Ray, (who I couldn't even
name one song by). That was interesting, though he was featured and I was
merely background.;-))
    Anyway, for those interested in music, here's Jane's Addiction's newest

For those who haven't read the following, I repost it. Those who have read
this, please excuse repost-

A Simple Experiment Goes Well


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