[ibogaine] Cannabis Campaigner To Take Own Life

MARC marc420emery at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 24 04:48:59 EDT 2003

Hello Howard,

I got your phone message. I just got back from a conference in Toronto
called IDEACITY 2003. (website:
http://www.ideacityonline.com/2003presenters.asp ).

I spoke about the Iboga Project thus dar and the fascinating things you
observe working with 23 patients for a total of 37 treatments.

The Iboga House is operating and we have treated two individuals in the two
weeks previous to my trip to Toronto (where I also led a successful
demonstration in front of the Metro Toronto Police HQ smoking marijuana for
two hours without interference from police, proving my contention that
marijuana has been made completely legal by Ontario courts.). We are booking
up quite quickly for the next few months.

I am so happy with the results. Everyone is improved because of their iboga
experience, including some very deep in squalor junkies. Even those the odds
are very stacked against do better, I think, by far.

Almost everyone has a deep childhood trauma relating to the missing male
biological parent. Very remarkable. I bring this up when I talk about what I

Hope all is well with you. You are welcome to visit here for a few days if
like. Be glad to buy you a ticket, and put you up in a nice hotel for a few
days. As you know, giving iboga is pretty straightforward, so theres not
much drama treating people, but you still might want to come up and check
out our work with an arriving patient. They will all be treated within 24
hours of arrival. And we can talk about anything. I am involved in a great
deal of the changes going on in Canada.

My presentation was before a luminous crowd (Wade Davies particularly went
out of his way to say how much he liked our work), and a Canadian General
(Romeo Dallaire) said he admired my work in both fields. At least 4
scientists were there, plus many of the famous people who attended previous
years (If you present, IDEACITY gives you a free pass to show up the
following year. I am one of three presenters who have presented twice in the
three years - 01 & 03).

Very exciting times.


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