[ibogaine] Re: AMON

crownofthorns at hushmail.com crownofthorns at hushmail.com
Sun Jun 22 22:35:31 EDT 2003

You just did. Send a message to the group that is.

I am very sorry to hear that. Looking in my mail the last time your son
wrote to this group was the day before he died. I don't know what anyone
can say that makes it any eaisier to deal with what you are going through.
Drug addiction is a really harsh thing and it's hard to ever get out
of it. 

I think there are very few people who ever get out of it and are so centered
that they can say they are through with it. Very few, maybe 3 on this
list, less?

Most people get better, get worse, try to get better again. I do not
have all these answers I just know it's very hard and there is always
this list of things you could have done different when you look back
at it but really would any of them have made a difference is hard to

However you look at what addiction is or how to get out, none of it is
ever very easy and there isn't anyone to blame.

I am very sorry for your loss.

Peace out,

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 16:04:43 -0700 AMON <amon at wetnightmare.com> wrote:
>On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 13:04:35 -0400, "preston peet"
>I"m not sure how to send a  message to this group- but
>I would like anybody who might have communicated with
>Amon to know that on April 26, he died suddenly. The
>cause of death is still being investigated, but he was
>in the company of drug dealers at the time. I am his
>mother and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has
>insights or previous messages from him, as I mourn his
>death and try to understand his pain. I know he was
>trying desperately in his last two months to find help
>for his addiction. My agony is that I was not able to
>help him in time. If anyone out there can help me with
>understanding, I would be so grateful. thank you.

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