[ibogaine] morphine vs oxycodone vs methadone

Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 18 22:29:10 EDT 2003

Brett I wanted to ask how you're doing? You too
Preston. What happened when you went in? 

Both of you hang in there! 

Carla B

--- crownofthorns at hushmail.com wrote:
> Bro this is probably none of my business but you are
> posting all of this
> to the ibogaine list so maybe you want some input on
> it?
> You've been here ever since I got here and that's
> almost 2 years I think.
> You always give good advice and the occasional rant
> about treatment pimps
> or addiction docs ;-) Which I agree with most of the
> time. 
> I think you've mentioned that you are on pain meds
> some of the time before
> like vicodan. But bro, what you're posting here is a
> what sounds like
> a whopping dose of opiates. What is wrong with you
> that you need to take
> all of this? And have you tried sticking with the
> vicodan and using cannabis?
> You may want to do what Howard mentioned a take a
> full blown dose of
> ibo at some point to clear your head. What are you
> doing now low dosing
> ibo with all of that at once?
> Peace out,
> Curtis
> On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 12:51:31 -0700 Brett Calabrese
> <bcalabrese at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> >Just got back from the doctor.
> >
> >Basically yes he is licensed to prescribe methadone
> to
> >a pain patient BUT some RED FLAG goes off at the
> >and they come crawl up his ass if he does. So, it
> >comes down to "it is not a fight I am willing to
> take
> >on" - meaning him vs the DEA.
> >
> >So, in a nutshell I got a script for 60 oxycontin
> >($175.00 - and that is just to see if it works and
> on
> >top of the other meds), a highly desirable drug on
> the
> >street - which is just fine and dandy BUT can't get
> a
> >prescription for methadone (cost about $12 for the
> >month) because I might be a drug addict going to an
> >orthopedic surgeon to score nethadone (????? as in
> >what the F????). That makes so much sense that only
> >someone working for the DEA that is absoulutely
> >clueless about drug abuse could come up with it.
> >
> >Any suggestions, I am not above seeking out the
> local
> >methadone clinic BUT think that is more problems
> than
> >it is worth - and I am not going to do some daily
> run
> >to the clinic and wait to score... Humm, maybe that
> is
> >an idea, I could hand out IBOGAINE literature, that
> >will go over great! 
> >
> >venting over, humph!
> >
> >I will likely wait and clean out before starting
> the
> >oxy. Doing stuff like that is good for the former
> >addict not to become a current addict... If nothing
> >else, I am in control, not the drug. And I like
> being
> >me, these last 10 days having to take that pill in
> the
> >morning (the morphine) sucked. I would wake up ME
> and
> >then get this coating over me from the drug, not
> >and nothing fun even if I would let it (and I
> >wouldn't). That is not what I worked so hard for.
> >There has to be some balance between being drugged
> and
> >being non-functional due to pain and they sure make
> it
> >a pain in the ass to find out what it might be...
> >
> >Brett
> >
> >
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