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Hi, this is in response to "Otter" who wrote w/many questions.  I was treated 
w/ibogaine in March after being on methadone 120 mg./day for over 6 years.  I 
am also an R.N. with alot of experience in psychiatric care.  I also have 
suffered chronically from depression and severe anxiety.  So, here goes.:
   ** Ibogaine works; though I was only treated once I have been clean now 
for almost 3 months.  I do plan to be treated again sometime soon, though, and 
would advise anyone using methadone to plan on being treated at least twice in 
a short time period (days to a week or so) and then to maybe plan on either 
being treated again a few months later and/or taking "maintenance" doses of ibo 
daily for awhile afterwards.  I think that doing these things might have 
prevented the depression and anxiety I fell back into after returning home.
   ** I have found it necessary to continue my antidepressant and 
anti-anxiety  medication (Prozac now--was Wellbutrin--and Buspar) in order to stay 
stable; however, many other aspects of "help" have helped just as much or maybe 
more.  I have increased my participation and commitment in Buddhist study and 
practices---there is nothing, IMO, as helpful as Buddhist philosophy in countering 
chronic depression and anxiety.  It is like  powerful cognitive therapy 
combined with the existential meaning of a spiritual path.  It is SO 
therapeutic.....another book I'd highly recommend for anxious type people is "The Power of 
Now" by Eckhardt Tolle...I keep this book w/me everywhere for "instant relief" 
as needed.
     ** As for the methadone clinic, they can go to hell!!!!  Well, that's 
the way I used to think when I went to a clinic that required me to come in 
almost every day, even after 5 years of being the "best little patient" and 
treated me like the scum of the earth.  I transferred, almost a year before the ibo 
treatment, to a clinic in a nearby state...yes, I had to drive 2 hrs. but only 
once a month.  Yes, in ONE DAY of transferring the paperwork, I went from 
having to come in three times/week to coming in once a month.  So much for 
medical judgement on these things!!!??? It's SOOOOO arbitrary & so dependent on what 
state you're in.  And the staff at the new clinic were so professional and 
therapeutic..treated me as a medical patient, not a parolee.  I think that the 
clinics w/such restrictive rules get to wield so much power over their clients' 
lives that it completely goes to their heads (souls, too) and they become 
mean and cruel.   So, I'd recommend determining what type of clinic she's in 
(good or not)...if it's not, it's really not much to lose....REALLY.....if it's 
good, just tell them about ibogaine..give them some literature (you can get a 
pack of lit from Cures Not Wars), and ask them for a "medical leave of 
absence"...that you'll stay in touch w/them (or, your dtr will) and let them know asap 
if she needs to return.  But, PLAN ON NOT RETURNING!!!!!!!  I understand 
wanting to keep that little "ace in the hole" just in case, cause believe me I 
know, nothing's more horrible than contemplating methadone cold turkey on your own 
(I would kill myself first or rather I would NOT allow it to happen), but 
ASAP after the ibo...once she sees that it REALLY DID WORK....sever that clinic 
connection as fast as you can.  You don't want to have the option of going 
back.  OK, if it's a bad clinic, still don'[t plan on going back...cause she 
deserves better than that and better is out there.  Investigate ahead of time what 
an alternative might be (clinic in another city, state, etc.).  No matter 
what, take this opportunity to get out of a bad clinic before they destroy 
whatever self esteem she has left.  
    ** And, have a plan for after the ibo treatment.  I had to return to work 
within the next week so didn't feel I really had a choice, BUT, if I could do 
it over, I'd arrange to be able to go somewhere therapeutic and structured 
for at least a couple weeks-month afterwards.  And not some judgemental, 
punitive 12-step place, but a real holistic, therapeutic environment.  There are some 
around.  Even going on a low-stress vacation to some beautiful place with 
people she loves would be better than nothing.  Just plan for something because 
for a few wks. after it's real hard to sleep and you've got alot of 
energy....it can drive you nuts if you don't do something productive and positive w/it.

Hope this helps.  Let me/us know if you've got any other concerns.  Eliana
ps:  you can see parts of my ibo treatment if you go to Marc's POT-TV website 
and click on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) show on ibogaine.   
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