[ibogaine] morphine vs oxycodone vs methadone

crownofthorns at hushmail.com crownofthorns at hushmail.com
Mon Jun 16 18:49:00 EDT 2003

Bro this is probably none of my business but you are posting all of this
to the ibogaine list so maybe you want some input on it?

You've been here ever since I got here and that's almost 2 years I think.
You always give good advice and the occasional rant about treatment pimps
or addiction docs ;-) Which I agree with most of the time. 

I think you've mentioned that you are on pain meds some of the time before
like vicodan. But bro, what you're posting here is a what sounds like
a whopping dose of opiates. What is wrong with you that you need to take
all of this? And have you tried sticking with the vicodan and using cannabis?

You may want to do what Howard mentioned a take a full blown dose of
ibo at some point to clear your head. What are you doing now low dosing
ibo with all of that at once?

Peace out,

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 12:51:31 -0700 Brett Calabrese <bcalabrese at yahoo.com>
>Just got back from the doctor.
>Basically yes he is licensed to prescribe methadone to
>a pain patient BUT some RED FLAG goes off at the DEA
>and they come crawl up his ass if he does. So, it
>comes down to "it is not a fight I am willing to take
>on" - meaning him vs the DEA.
>So, in a nutshell I got a script for 60 oxycontin
>($175.00 - and that is just to see if it works and on
>top of the other meds), a highly desirable drug on the
>street - which is just fine and dandy BUT can't get a
>prescription for methadone (cost about $12 for the
>month) because I might be a drug addict going to an
>orthopedic surgeon to score nethadone (????? as in
>what the F????). That makes so much sense that only
>someone working for the DEA that is absoulutely
>clueless about drug abuse could come up with it.
>Any suggestions, I am not above seeking out the local
>methadone clinic BUT think that is more problems than
>it is worth - and I am not going to do some daily run
>to the clinic and wait to score... Humm, maybe that is
>an idea, I could hand out IBOGAINE literature, that
>will go over great! 
>venting over, humph!
>I will likely wait and clean out before starting the
>oxy. Doing stuff like that is good for the former
>addict not to become a current addict... If nothing
>else, I am in control, not the drug. And I like being
>me, these last 10 days having to take that pill in the
>morning (the morphine) sucked. I would wake up ME and
>then get this coating over me from the drug, not HIGH
>and nothing fun even if I would let it (and I
>wouldn't). That is not what I worked so hard for.
>There has to be some balance between being drugged and
>being non-functional due to pain and they sure make it
>a pain in the ass to find out what it might be...

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