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Mon Jun 16 15:05:23 EDT 2003

In a message dated 6/16/03 1:54:02 PM, bcalabrese at yahoo.com writes:

>I think I said it wrong (bass-ackwards), I don't think
>I will use a full dose for ibo for withdrawal (on
>myself) unless it is for methadone. But, I ain't there
>yet.  I would rather use ibo on my own terms than have
>to take it for addition (in a full dose). I don't mind
>taking the edge off with low doses of ibo, but it just
>does not fee right to me to detox with it - and I
>doubt I would need to - maybe that is the reason, I
>don't need to.  Funny stuff...


You may want to take a full dose of ibogaine for clarity on the 
addiction/dependence issues with a concurrent benefit of modification of withdrawal signs.  
In my opinion it is virtually impossible to tease out the withdrawal and 
anxiety related withdrawal signs.  The issues you raise are important as numbers 
of patients who were treated with ibogaine for substance-related disorders find 
themselves being treated as pain patients. 


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