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I put my thoughts to your questions: indicated like this +++++

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> I wrote before asking about ibogaine for which my 26 year old daughter on
> is considering treatment.  She and I have many quesions, and since she
> doesn't have internet access, I am trying to seek answers.  If anyone can
> please reply.
> __How does a person with chronic major depression and anxiety react to
> ibogaine treatment?  Are they not a candidate?

+++++ When opiates are cleared from your system with ibogaine, I notice
people with anxiety and depression problems get anxious and somewhat
depressed. They don't show much happiness of being addiction freed, they
worry about all their problems, real and imagined, and spend the moments
WORRYING rather than rational planning about changes.  However, Prozac or
Wellbutrin might be helpful here, with fewer side-effects than
self-medicating these anxieties with opiates. These will stabilize the
patient and then they get productive.

> ---How is the treatment and success different for heroin and methadone
>  Is there sometimes still a residual addiction (she is on 85 mg. of
> methadone).

++++ Heroin treatment with ibogaine takes less time and effort than clearing
someone of methadone. 85 mg. of methadone is something ibogaine can clear in
one treatment, but if this person has anxieties not related to addiction,
they will be anxious, and they will be highly probable to relapse. Two
treatments 7 - 20 days apart would be a good idea.

> ---What are possible negative results?  Can they be permanent?  What is
> by  the term "psychotic break" and what is the prognosis?

+++++ No one I have treated if worse off from being treated with iboga (22
patients at this time). I do not have any familiarity with the term
'psychotic break'.

> If it doesn't work, she will be kicked off of the Methadone clinic for
> missing doses.  What chance is there of that?

++++++ Can't answer this. My job is to clear you of a drug dependency at
your request. Help you realize things about your past and about your life
that lead to this dependency. Give you a chance to move forward without this
dependency. If you get counselling planned for the after period, and your
family/close loved one are fully behind your attempt to undue the
methadone/opiates and are supportive,  you have a good chance. You need to
be fully committed for success, and you have to endure stress, learn to
channel it, rather than give in to submission to opiates to deal with your

> Any feedback would be helpful.

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