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>I wrote before asking about ibogaine for which my 26 year old daughter
>on MMT is considering treatment.  She and I have many quesions, and since she
>doesn't have internet access, I am trying to seek answers.  If anyone can
>help, please reply.
>__How does a person with chronic major depression and anxiety react to
>ibogaine treatment?  Are they not a candidate?

What exactly do you mean by chronic major depression and anxiety?  While I 
would say there may be improvement.  It is also not uncommon that prior 
medications for these disorders may have to be taken again.  Three is always the 
possibility of an adverse effect in whatever form that may take.  However, the more 
you have to intercede on behalf of your daughter, internet or not, the less 
benefits I see for her.  And, I would certainly stipulate you should not 
involve yourself in her actual treatment, though some providers would differ with me 
on that.

>---How is the treatment and success different for heroin and methadone
>users? Is there sometimes still a residual addiction (she is on 85 mg. of 

Treatment is not principally dissimilar for both drugs though there may be 
dose and regimen modifications.  What do you mean by success?  Under any 
circumstances multiple treatment with ibogaine over time (variable) appear to be 
required to accomplish any long term change for most patients.

>---What are possible negative results?  Can they be permanent?  What is
>meant by  the term "psychotic break" and what is the prognosis?

Throw the dice and find out.  Who uses the term "psychotic break"?

Fatalities have been known to occur.

>If it doesn't work, she will be kicked off of the Methadone clinic for
missing doses.  What chance is there of that?

If your daughter informs the clinic she is going to opt for ibogaine therapy 
and if it does not work will wish to return to the methadone clinic they may 
agree in advance to that.  But, please be very clear that many patients require 
multiple treatment of ibogaine.  Talk to the people who will be providing 
your daughter's therapy.


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