many questions

Otter60 at Otter60 at
Wed Jun 11 07:49:01 EDT 2003

I wrote before asking about ibogaine for which my 26 year old daughter on MMT 
is considering treatment.  She and I have many quesions, and since she 
doesn't have internet access, I am trying to seek answers.  If anyone can help, 
please reply.

__How does a person with chronic major depression and anxiety react to 
ibogaine treatment?  Are they not a candidate?

---How is the treatment and success different for heroin and methadone users? 
 Is there sometimes still a residual addiction (she is on 85 mg. of 

---What are possible negative results?  Can they be permanent?  What is meant 
by  the term "psychotic break" and what is the prognosis?

If it doesn't work, she will be kicked off of the Methadone clinic for 
missing doses.  What chance is there of that?

Any feedback would be helpful.

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