query regarding dosage of rootback for heroin dependency

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Mon Jun 9 20:16:26 EDT 2003

Hi All

A query in relation to dried rootbark.
I was having a discussion with a guy who was treated for heroin
dependency over here in England. I presumed it was either with the
indra extract or HCL. I discovered that the provider had in fact given
him 12 grams of dried rootbark that he ingested ground down in capsule
According to him, the provider was very experienced, so I wonder if I
am missing something here.....
Looking through the data, my impression was that a gram of dried root
bark had a content of 2-3% ibogaine and related alkoloids.
This would mean that 12 grams of dried root bark was wholly inadequate for
treating heroin dependency, to say the least.
Can anyone confirm the average ammount of ibogaine in a gram of
dried root bark and extrapolate from this its equivalant to a gram of
The person in question has returned to heroin/methadone dependency
and of course this can happen even if he had a full therapuetic dose of
HCL/Indra. I dont want to tell him that the dose he received was
completely inadequate in case i am missing something fundemental.
Unfortunately, he cannot get in touch with the provider in question at
the moment, otherwise, I would ask the person concerned direct.

best wishes everyone


ps> for everyone who didnt attend the NYC conference and has not
checked out the powerpoint presentations given on the day that have
been put up at ibogaine.org, I would urge you to do so. They are all
really excellent and very informative/innovative.

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