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Tool and ibogaine was only my speculation.  Since I posted that to this list 
I have been in contact with people from the Tool Camp and they had no idea 
what ibogaine was.  I didn't speak with Maynard or any of the band members, 
but I presume if the folks near by didn't know about ibo then maynard & co. 
haven't used ibo .  You're right though, something happened between undertow 
and lateralus that caused the music to spiral out and become more positive.  
Tool was definately hanging around with Alex Grey, maybe they spent a lot of 
time in the Amazon drinking Yage. Maybe.  Well that is the beauty of music.  
Each of us can hear the same song and apply it to our own lives in any 
different way.  Even with my bubble having been burst, finding out that tool 
didn't write the music after an ibo experience, I still hear the god of 
iboga in thier music.  Be careful with that album Carla, it is infectious.  
At first you may not like it or find it it "hard to listen to", but then one 
day you'll wake up and find that Lateralus hasn't come out of your CD player 
in weeks.

Where did you find the interviews that you mention?  I would like to read 


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>Subject: Re: [ibogaine] zooming through the brain
>Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 18:19:40 -0700 (PDT)
>Thanks Bill that is really cool :-)
>Also appropros of nothing or of looking at the brain
>graphic it reminds me of two questions I have which I
>think go to Patrick and Randy.
>Patrick the Mindvox navigation bar, for some reason I
>seem to remember that it is actually a brain?? Is it
>or why do I think that. Did we have that conversation
>a long time ago on the list or off it?
>Randy my question is about Tool. I have finally got a
>copy of Lateralus and I still find it hard to listen
>to. It's not so much my style of music but I've heard
>Opiate and Undertow and interviews with Meynard. And
>it is a hugggggge distance from those cd's to
>Lateralus. Very huge. Meynard has talked a lot about
>his LSD use in interviews but as far as I know and can
>tell by searching, he has never mentioned ibogaine.
>Did you ever hear him actually say that, or do you
>just think that? I understand completely why you think
>that because whatever he did he did something and he
>did a lot of it. Undertow is one of the most
>depressing cds I've ever heard, its Nine Inch Nails
>kind of music and Lateralus is something completely
>different. I am just very curious if he detoxed with
>ibogaine or if he did something else and then followed
>it with LSD. He is very open about his LSD use but the
>only place I've heard ibogaine linked to Tool is from
>you I think? Sorry if I have it wrong but I'm very
>Carla B
>--- Bill Ross <ross at cgl.ucsf.edu> wrote:
> > Apropos of nothing, here is an image that folks who
> > like Mindvox
> > graphics might enjoy - it took the 1.6Mbyte animated
> > gif several
> > minutes to download on a high-bandwidth connection,
> > and you need
> > to see it animate at speed after full download to
> > enjoy:
> >
> >    http://www.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/analysis/overview/
> >
> > Bill Ross
> >
> >
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