[ibogaine] cracking gibson's agrippa

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Wed Jun 4 02:43:39 EDT 2003

Dear Matt,

I see you're sending personal email into the ibogaine list. Probably
you did this because Patrick didn't reply to your email. I wouldn't
worry, I don't think it has ever taken him longer then 2 years to reply
to my letters.

Acting as Patrick's secretery agrippa was cracked using a chisel and a
large hammer. If Patrick says anything different its because he was on
a lot of drugs in 1992 and doesn't remember.

I want to welcome you to ibogaine. Looking you up online you will be
right at home here. Someone who is sending questions about cracking
online art books that self destruct in 1992 to a ibogaine list and
trying to find Umberto Eco's lost notes should have no trouble
following the conversations. 

I like your Umerto Eco quote, if he didn't do ibogaine then he did a
lot of other drugs "The Paradox of porta Ludovica... the native lives
in a "magic space" where the directions font, back, left, and right are
not valid and consequently all orientation is impossible." 

The questions I have for you are how did you get Irvin Kershner to talk
on your panel about "Supersizing my Freedom Fries" instead of Star

And what is this? It looks interesting but what is it supposed to do?


I'm signing up for your courses when I go to college this year.


--- Matt Kirschenbaum <mk235 at umail.umd.edu> wrote:
> Dear Patrick,
> I'm working on a book for the MIT Press on electronic literature, and
> have some questions about the cracking of Gibson's Agrippa and its
> subsequent release to the internet in late 1992. There's a lot of
> misleading/contradictory information that floats around and I'm
> committed to getting the facts straight. Would you be willing to
> correspond on this subject? 
> Best, Matt
> Matthew G. Kirschenbaum_____________________________
> _______________________http://www.otal.umd.edu/~mgk/

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