[ibogaine] unbiased ibogaine research? how?

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Good answer bro, good answer :-) and hello :-) Missed your input, visit
your own list more often, you haven't said anything in 2 months :-) I
know I know, you're busy.

Peace out,

On Mon, 02 Jun 2003 20:10:52 -0700 "Patrick K. Kroupa" <digital at phantom.com>
>On [Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 06:31:50PM -0700], [marcus75 at ziplip.com]
>| I write this message with respect to everyone and hope to receive
>| same.
>Otay, why not.
>I think that people who talk much, do little, and have no actual
>of anything even vaguely approaching the facts of a given situation;
>a lotta time talking bullshit. 
>On the flipside, that's okay.  I think it's the nature of being
>human to
>bitch about things while doing nothing to effect change. 
>Unlike people who sit n' spin and talk bullshit, Deborah has spent
>of her time working on ibogaine.  She has never received compensation
>this, very few people have ever said "thanks," and it certainly
>helped her career much.  What it has generated are mountains of
>bullshit, and vilification by people who know absolutely nothing
>her, what's going on, or what hurdles need to be crossed to get
>from Point
><A> to Point <Z>.
>Anybody who wants to work with entheogenic substances in present-
>America has some problems.  The field does not tend to attract the
>and the brightest; it mostly calls out to wackjobs.  "Lessee, okay,
> well,
>work with psychedelic drugs and set fire to my career, or... go
>something else to do with my time.  Gosh, thanks for the offer,
>but I'm
>gonna take a great big pass on all that!  Seeya."
>If the current situation, results, and legal status of ibogaine
>are not to
>your liking.  Oh well.  Bummer do0d.  Best of luck finding someone
>wants to align their life, career, and output, with your whims.
>I, personally, don't think ibogaine is ever exiting schedule I.
> I don't
>think LSD25 is ever gonna be vacating that spot either; and I have
>Doubts that MDMA is gonna break loose and run away over to schedule
>II or
>III.  There are a variety of people who think and hope otherwise,
> and
>actually do their best to make change occur, which is pretty cool.
>The bottom line is, LSD has been schedule I the entire time I have
>alive.  But, this really hasn't stopped it from "working."  I don't
>anybody has ever pulled it aside and explained The Situation to
>	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-
>Uhm, you're schedule I.  So ... cut it out.  Stop "working."  It
>states that you don't do anything helpful.
>LSD: Huh?
>You're a dangerous highly addictive drug with absolutely no medical
>LSD: <GigglE!>
>Look, you're not paying attention, go over to the DEA website, the
>speak for themselves.  As you can plainly see, we have assembled
>a large
>collection of data, which looks like it was written by a small child
>crayons, attempting to describe a bad experience.  Scary Monsters,
>Super-Freaks, MadNeSs, 1ns4n!ty, Drain Bamage, Glow in the Dark
>chromosomes, MuTants! (go see the X-Men for Conclusive Fully Documented
>Proof!)  Pay attention now.
>LSD:  PreTty c0lorZ, l1ghTs, eYes, reintegration,  Wo000 HoooO!
> <bouncey>
><BounceY> <Bouncey!>  Happy!  .G0dh34D.
>That's it, I can't talk to you anymore.  You're crazy.
>	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-
>Anywaze, getting back to ibogaine.  For me the truth is pretty simple.
>Ibogaine "works."  Everything else is just noise.  By works, I mean
>to say
>it hits a reset and gets you unsprung.  For people who are able
>to cop a
>certain headspace and maintain it, that's pretty much it.  You can
>use it
>to step out of drug dependence.  thE End.  For others, it's the
>first step
>on their journey through other paradigms.  But ya know, at least
>fucking moving -- as opposed to sinking.
>Whatever the fallout happens to be, it's quite likely that ibogaine
>continue to work.  
>Having said all that, it's highly different from LSD in the respect
>it can keel you ded mahn.  LSD ain't gonna do that.  Of course LSD
>isn't going to unspring you.
>I have profound respect for ibogaine.  I think that's a pretty good
>headspace to maintain while dealing with it.  If you start to get
>blase', and think you know what to expect ... odds are it's gonna
>around and bite you in the ass REALLY hard, when you least expect
>it.  The
>universe just sorta seems to work that way.
>To conclude, I really don't have any problems with anybody who is
>with ibogaine.  I think that most people mean well, and are motivated
>at least in part -- by the genuine desire to help others. 
>What really annoys me is what passes for "drug treatment" in present-

>society, and that whole entire "War on Drugs" thing.  
>Having spent nearly my entire life at the receiving end of both;
>I have a
>lotta unresolved issues to work out.  By which I mean to say I will
>shut up about what a fucking pathetic joke these paradigms are.
>p.s., Here are the results of my unbiased ibogaine research: yo,
> it workx!

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