[ibogaine] unbiased ibogaine research? how?

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Mon Jun 2 23:10:52 EDT 2003

On [Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 06:31:50PM -0700], [marcus75 at ziplip.com] wrote:

| I write this message with respect to everyone and hope to receive the
| same.

Otay, why not.

I think that people who talk much, do little, and have no actual awareness
of anything even vaguely approaching the facts of a given situation; spend
a lotta time talking bullshit. 

On the flipside, that's okay.  I think it's the nature of being human to
bitch about things while doing nothing to effect change. 

Unlike people who sit n' spin and talk bullshit, Deborah has spent years
of her time working on ibogaine.  She has never received compensation for
this, very few people have ever said "thanks," and it certainly hasn't
helped her career much.  What it has generated are mountains of hate-mail,
bullshit, and vilification by people who know absolutely nothing 'bout
her, what's going on, or what hurdles need to be crossed to get from Point
<A> to Point <Z>.

Anybody who wants to work with entheogenic substances in present-day
America has some problems.  The field does not tend to attract the best
and the brightest; it mostly calls out to wackjobs.  "Lessee, okay, well,
work with psychedelic drugs and set fire to my career, or... go find
something else to do with my time.  Gosh, thanks for the offer, but I'm
gonna take a great big pass on all that!  Seeya."

If the current situation, results, and legal status of ibogaine are not to
your liking.  Oh well.  Bummer do0d.  Best of luck finding someone who
wants to align their life, career, and output, with your whims.

I, personally, don't think ibogaine is ever exiting schedule I.  I don't
think LSD25 is ever gonna be vacating that spot either; and I have Big
Doubts that MDMA is gonna break loose and run away over to schedule II or
III.  There are a variety of people who think and hope otherwise, and
actually do their best to make change occur, which is pretty cool. 

The bottom line is, LSD has been schedule I the entire time I have been
alive.  But, this really hasn't stopped it from "working."  I don't think
anybody has ever pulled it aside and explained The Situation to LSD.

	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-

Uhm, you're schedule I.  So ... cut it out.  Stop "working."  It clearly
states that you don't do anything helpful.

LSD: Huh?

You're a dangerous highly addictive drug with absolutely no medical value.

LSD: <GigglE!>

Look, you're not paying attention, go over to the DEA website, the FACTS
speak for themselves.  As you can plainly see, we have assembled a large
collection of data, which looks like it was written by a small child with
crayons, attempting to describe a bad experience.  Scary Monsters,
Super-Freaks, MadNeSs, 1ns4n!ty, Drain Bamage, Glow in the Dark
chromosomes, MuTants! (go see the X-Men for Conclusive Fully Documented
Proof!)  Pay attention now.

LSD:  PreTty c0lorZ, l1ghTs, eYes, reintegration,  Wo000 HoooO!  <bouncey>
<BounceY> <Bouncey!>  Happy!  .G0dh34D.

That's it, I can't talk to you anymore.  You're crazy.

	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-

Anywaze, getting back to ibogaine.  For me the truth is pretty simple.
Ibogaine "works."  Everything else is just noise.  By works, I mean to say
it hits a reset and gets you unsprung.  For people who are able to cop a
certain headspace and maintain it, that's pretty much it.  You can use it
to step out of drug dependence.  thE End.  For others, it's the first step
on their journey through other paradigms.  But ya know, at least they're
fucking moving -- as opposed to sinking.

Whatever the fallout happens to be, it's quite likely that ibogaine will
continue to work.  

Having said all that, it's highly different from LSD in the respect that
it can keel you ded mahn.  LSD ain't gonna do that.  Of course LSD also
isn't going to unspring you.

I have profound respect for ibogaine.  I think that's a pretty good
headspace to maintain while dealing with it.  If you start to get cocky,
blase', and think you know what to expect ... odds are it's gonna turn
around and bite you in the ass REALLY hard, when you least expect it.  The
universe just sorta seems to work that way.

To conclude, I really don't have any problems with anybody who is involved
with ibogaine.  I think that most people mean well, and are motivated --
at least in part -- by the genuine desire to help others. 

What really annoys me is what passes for "drug treatment" in present-day
society, and that whole entire "War on Drugs" thing.  

Having spent nearly my entire life at the receiving end of both; I have a
lotta unresolved issues to work out.  By which I mean to say I will NEVER
shut up about what a fucking pathetic joke these paradigms are. 



p.s., Here are the results of my unbiased ibogaine research: yo, it workx!

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